Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men

If you are here, reading this article, I would imagine you have tried a few ineffective products and now, you would rather find effective aphrodisiacs for men. Instead of spending a small fortune into products that do not work. So, let’s not lose time!

Over the years, I have tried many aphrodisiacs or products who claimed to be. Today, I finally know what is effective and most importantly, what isn’t.

Before I get started, here’s a few tips to ease your mind – don’t stay stuck with the following cyclical thoughts (nothing good will come out of them):
  • At my age, I shouldn’t have erectile dysfunction or libido problems.
  • I am not even in my fifties and I need a “magical” blue pill to have a hard-on.
  • It’s time to have a prescription in order to have sex.
  • What are the side effects of this pills?!
  • Once my stock is depleted, I won’t be able to have an erection and I will be lost again.
  • At the end of the day, medicine doesn’t really help but how can I possibly have sex without drugs?

I get it, it’s hard to find effective aphrodisiac for men. However, before throwing in the towel and grabbing your little blue pill, try some plants that have been thoroughly studied. They DO work!

And now, without further ado…let’s check out these effective aphrodisiac for men!

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Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men – Science & Results

All aphrodisiacs work differently. For instance, the following plants have a multitude of components that work in synergy (together) to improve your sexual and general health.

Basically, they do so by: increasing your testosterone or T levels, improving the sensitivity of your penis, reducing your levels of female hormones (estrogen), boosting your energy levels, improving your blood flow and more often than not, they do several of these things at once.

Thanks to these effective aphrodisiac for men, you will be able to observe the following (results can vary depending on the plant or the person):
  • Your virility (manliness) will reach new highs thanks to a libido boost and an increase of testosterone levels.
  • By boosting your blood flow, your erections will be harder and last longer. For example, some plants boost nitric oxide levels, a gas that relaxes smooth muscles in blood vessels and consequently, boom, blood flow is improved!
  • Your estrogen levels will be swapped for more T!
  • Your energy levels will increase and therefore, so will your physical performance!
  • Also, you will be able to handle stress better and your sleep will be improved.

Important: By associating effective aphrodisiacs for men with a healthy diet with testosterone boosting foods, you will get even better results. Moreover, exercise and more specifically, weight lifting is essential to boost nitric oxide.

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4 Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men

Panax Ginseng

Easily found, ginseng is a brilliant root that will alleviate fatigue and stress levels.

In 2007, a study found that ginseng was a good natural alternative to invasive techniques used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition, ginseng also boosts blood flow (hello morning wood!) (1)

For satisfying results, choose Korean Red Ginseng and if your budget allows, you can opt for a fermented version that is more bio-available (better assimilated by your body).

Also, when choosing your ginseng goodness, make sure to go for a product that has a minimum of 70mg of ginsenosides per gram.

Tribulus Terrestris

This Asian plant has been used in Traditional Chinese and Indian Medicine for centuries – to improve fertility, libido and endurance.

Research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris regulates testosterone production and improves libido. Moreover, it increases the motility of sperm and ejaculation load. It does so by increasing nitric oxide production – which should result in a clear improvement of erection quality!

It’s usually recommended to associate Tribulus Terrestris with Mucuna Puriens for best results. Additionally, a minimum of 750 mg daily will get you some proper results.

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Maca – or the Peruvian Viagra – is a plant that comes from the Andean highlands. This little treasure stimulates your whole body by improving resistance to stress, libido and fertility.

There are many studies on Maca – one of them found a notable increase of desire in the male subjects. (2)

For best results, take 1 to 3 grams of Maca daily.

Ginkgo Biloba

This Asian plant is mainly known for its action on blood flow…However, Ginkgo Biloba also increases dopamine levels (happiness hormone) and helps reduce levels of cortisol (a nefarious hormone released during chronic stress). For instance, its anti-stress properties will improve libido and endurance. Especially, if you are no stranger to chronic stress.

So, Ginkgo will boost your erections and performance. A perfect 2 in 1 combo!

For best results, take 120 to 240 mg of Ginkgo daily (in 2 or 3 times). However, some people do experience stomach discomfort. At the beginning, take small doses and increase your dosage progressively, to see if it affects you.

What are the most effective aphrodisiacs for men ? The answer is…many. This list doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive. Nonetheless, these 4 plants are excellent to start seeing real results. Try one at the time and see for yourself which ones are the most beneficial to you.

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Enjoy your improved sxe life and your really hard erections! Feel free to share your results with us!

(1) Study of the efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. de Andrade E, de Mesquita AA, Claro Jde A, de Andrade PM, Ortiz V, Paranhos M, Srougi M. Asian J Androl. 2007.
(2) Effect of Lepidium meyenii (MACA) on sexual desire and its absent relationship with serum testosterone levels in adult healthy men. Gonzales GF, Córdova A, Vega K, Chung A, Villena A, Góñez C, Castillo S. Andrologia. 2002.

Vincent Lee