How To Dry Orgasm And Train For Male Multiples

You’ve heard about the dry orgasm, you know it represents male multiples (or orgasm without ejaculation) and you want to find out:

1. If it is really possible

2. How exactly to do it

The answer to #1 is easy.

Yes it is indeed entirely possible to have a dry orgasm and to have full male multiples. It is not just the fairer sex that can experience shuddering, earth-moving multiples, men are capable of achieving them too.

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It will take some practice and some training, but to experience the tidal wave of male multiple orgasms that some women can achieve is worth the effort.

So how does it work? This brings us to point #2.

The Principles Behind The Dry Orgasm

What you need to understand in order to be able to orgasm without ejaculating, is that this will take:

a) Some practice (more for some, less for others)

b) Strengthening of your Kegel muscles (those used to stop ejaculation and to control urination)

c) Mastering your point of no return (PONR) is essential

d) You will end up achieving far greater control over ejaculation

1. The Point Of No Return

Your PONR is the point at which you have to ejaculate. Once you’ve gone past this point, you may as well make the most of it and ejaculate properly to experience the pleasurable wave of an orgasm.

However, if you want to train properly to orgasm without ejaculating, you’ll need to know exactly when to stop just before your PONR.

Training your PONR

During training, bring yourself to the brink several times. To stop yourself going over the edge and ejaculating, breathe deeply and flex your Kegel muscles hard. Let go of your penis at this point.

You’ll need to practice this 4 or 5 times per session at least and your Kegel muscles need to be very strong.

2. Strengthening The Kegels

You’ve heard of the Kegel muscles and you may well know that they are the muscles that start in your perineum and end in your urinary sphincter.

Kegel muscles help you to prevent ejaculating. If they are very strong, you’ll find it a lot easier to have male multiples once you master the PONR.

How can you strengthen Kegel muscles?

Perform sets of 10 Kegel flexes (flexing the same muscles you use to stop yourself from urinating) and clench them for 5 seconds at a time. Do these sets of 10 flexes 5 times per day.

Take rest days! The Kegel is a muscle and needs to rest and recuperate.

You’ll benefit from deeper sleep at night to help promote muscle growth.

3. Orgasm Without Ejaculating

The point at which you’ll be able to achieve pounding male multiplesvaries from person to person.

After many training sessions, Kegel muscles become stronger, you learn how to control ejaculation and you master your PONR.

Many men at this point will start to experience their first dry orgasms.

During the weeks leading up to this, you may well experience a number ofpartial ejaculations when attempting to master your PONR.

Your first dry orgasm is the sign that you can have more. Eventually, you’ll learn how to have multiples by repeating the process.

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