Does Size Matter for Women ?

If there’s something we all share as men, it’s an obsession with the size of our third leg. However, more importantly, does size matter for women?

Usually, it starts after PE classes…you know when we used to compare our assets in the shower. And from that moment on, we would still occasionally (or often) wonder if our penis is average or below average – the ones who usually belong to the above average (or way above) category, can continue reading, it’s also about you.

At the end of the day, all penises are different. Whether it’s their size, circumference or shape.

In our modern era, with a more egalitarian sexuality, comes the freedom to please both genders in the bedroom. Also, that allows us to create content that is interesting, based on science and devoid of taboos.

So, let’s have a look, does size matter for women?

What Does the Scientific World Say?


Penis size can greatly differ depending if it’s during a rest phase or an erection. The average resting size is between 7 and 11cm (3 to 4.5 inches) – and there’s slight variations depending on ethnic background. Penis circumference while erect is usually between 7.5 and 12.3cm (3 to 4.8 inches).

In 2015, a Britannic study found that the average size of an erect penis is 13.24 (5.21 inches). This study is significant since the results were gathered on 15 550 participants. (1)

Biologically speaking, the sexual pleasure of a women isn’t necessarily linked to penis size. Most erogenous areas – the areas that will get women aroused – are located at the entrance of the vagina. Meaning: you don’t need a huge one to make her come!

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Attraction and Sex

Every era has different standards of beauty. Not so long ago, it was considered beautiful to be big (whether you were a man or a woman). Today, we prefer slender and fit bodies.

What’s my point?

The size of your dick isn’t the only thing that will improve your chances!

Generally, modern women prefer men with large shoulders (if this isn’t your case, it’s time to lift some iron!). A V morphology is usually the shape that attracts women (large shoulders, a slightly smaller chest and a thin waist).

Apparently, this is far more important than penis size! However, proportionality is key, if one part is way bigger than the others, it won’t work as well.

Where do I get all of that information from?

An Australian study created a protocol to determine the importance of penis size in regards of women’s attraction. The researchers added other key factors known for their pleasing effect. For example, the width and height of the shoulders with respect to the hips. The results were great, penis size counts a bit but more importantly, the rest of the body counts more! (2)

Consequently, it seems far more important to take care of personal fitness rather than relying and focusing on the size of your best mate. For instance, one of the most proportionate man that never existed is the Vitruvian Man of Leonardo Da Vinci. Google it if you have never seen the drawing and let that be your inspiration.

You think that this is a shallow? Well, for us the usual mensuration of the perfect woman is 90-60-90 cm (35-24-35). Which isn’t very realistic. Thus, you don’t need to turn into the Vitruvian Man but a healthy figure will do wonders to your sex appeal!

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Does Size Matter for Women? – Conclusion

OK, let’s go back to the facts…does size matter?

Yes but not that much.

Regardless of your penis size, it’s crucial to use it well and not to limit your sexual life to penetration.

Sex is so much more than penetration. Additionally, there’s foreplay games with your partner and to boost your penile activity, there are many tricks to learn whether it’s about positions or thrusting (the regular practice of Kegel exercises is a must to improve both orgasms, click here to know more).

Good sexy times are the results of many factors: tenderness, possible cunnilingus, kissing, wilderness, body exploration (foreplay) and so on.

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However, should you really need professional advice, a sexologist may come in handy! Try that instead of adverts promising you an extra 5 cm (2 inches) – obvious fact: they don’t work.

Thereupon, I wish you erotically charged sexual adventures and much fun discovering new sexy things!

(1) Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men. David Veale, Sarah Miles, Sally Bramley, Gordon Muir, John Hodsoll. BJU International. 2015.
(2) Penis size interacts with body shape and height to influence male attractiveness. Brian S. Mautza, Bob B. M. Wongb, Richard A. Petersc, Michael D. Jennionsa. PNAS. 2013.

Vincent Lee