Delayed Ejaculation? Help And Solutions Are Available

My problen is not P.E. but delayed or retarded ejaculation…(although during intercourse only, when mastrubating not this problem, althoug some times it takes longer to get off, it seems my arousel is not always that strong) any tips?

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Most men are concerned with lasting longer rather than delayed ejaculation and out of the two, I think what you have is preferable. However, it is important to enjoy yourself during sex as well and to be able to ejaculate.

People sometimes contact me describing scenarios of delayed or retarded ejaculation which often include one or more of the following:

– Cannot orgasm, even after 1 or 2 hours of sex

– Partner starts to think it’s their fault and this causes tension

– Lack of pleasure or numbness in the penis

– Inability to orgasm during sex but can ejaculate during masturbation

The Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

The reason you may have retarded ejaculation or be incapable of orgasm during sex could be either physical or psychological.

On the plus side, physically there is every chance that you are in pretty good shape. You can stay hard for long, you control your ejaculation satisfactorily and you can pleasure your partner better than a good deal of men out there.

When we dig a bit further we can find out that there could be a few reasons you need to look at to find out why you cannot orgasm during sex.

Sexual Anxiety

Being anxious to please your partner is fairly common for men during sex and persistent anxiety can also cause impotence and premature ejaculation in men.

If you feel a bit nervous and anxious to please your partner, then some simple relaxation techniques are in order.

Using meditation and visualization techniques help to reduce anxiety in the bedroom and can help to release the tension and for you to enjoy sex more.

The idea is to relax fully once a day for 30 minutes and create images of yourself as a happy, high-performing man in the bedroom who can also enjoy a great deal of pleasure from the experience.

Plenty of men have found their happiness through using MP3 self-hypnosis programs that help by making subliminal suggestions to the subconscious mind.

Go here to find out about self-hypnosis for delayed ejaculation

Reduce Stress To Help Ejaculation

Stress is a very common cause of not being able to orgasm during sex. Typical scenarios are the following:

  • Pressing deadlines that distract you
  • Upcoming important meetings
  • Conflicts with others (family, friends colleagues)
  • Tension in your relationship

Obviously the best course of action is to resolve the problem first. Generally, stress is a temporary cause of delayed ejaculation.

Masturbation Habits

Men who can orgasm from masturbation but not from sex may well have developed habits that have caused the body to become used to a certain method of stimulation.

If you’ve masturbated regularly using the same technique and cannot orgasm during sex, this could be the reason why.

And using a masturbation accessory such as a Fleshlight in future can help you to change this pattern.

Medication That Reduces Sensitivity

Antidepressants are often a cause of a lack of sensitivity in the penis and can even cause full impotence. Other treatments that can play around with your love life are cholesterol treatments, blood pressure medication and hair loss treatments.

The message here is the you should always do everything to avoid taking medication. Obviously, if you don’t have the choice then try speaking with your doctor to see if changing your treatment for another one is possible.


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