Decreased Female Libido – How To Enhance A Woman’s Sex Drive

Decreased female libido or low sex drive is no fun when it happens to you.

Even women who’ve enjoyed good sex all their lives can suddenly experience the effects of low libido and no sexual desire.

Sometimes, a libido mismatch creates friction and unhappiness in a relationship.

It’s wrong to leave it and to do nothing about it. It takes some courage to look for solutions.

Having decreased sex drive is not your fault and generally occurs for reasons that are beyond your conscious control.

Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you.

Lack of sexual energy

A general lack of sexual energy can be the reason you feel low and you have a decreased female libido.

This can be from overworking, poor quality time with your partner, children or any other issue that can cause stress and feeling overworked.

The solution

The best solutions are herbal remedies that bring back energy and boost your libido naturally. 

Libido boosters for increasing sex drive and energy

Menopause and libido

For women approaching or experiencing the menopause, a change in sexual energy is normal.

Most women reach their menopause by their early 50s. The menopause signals the end of the fertile life of a women and this tends to mean a decreased female libido.

Estrogen production is reduced and testosterone production is much lower.

This leads to a low sex drive and reduced sexual desire.

Some women are fine with this and can live happily. Others prefer to remain sexual and continue to enjoy the benefits that sexual activity can bring them. 

Increasing libido for menopausal women

Birth control or other medication

Certain types of birth control pills, anti-depressant pills or treatment for epilepsy (amongst others) can be behind your sudden dip in libido levels.

If you’re not menopausal or stressed and you suddenly feel as though your libido has deserted you, you’ll need to look at changing or stopping your medication completely.


Much medication administered to us these days is pushed by pharmaceutical companies whose only interest is their profits.

This isn’t a criticism, it’s just the truth. Many doctors are encouraged to prescribe their medication to people like you.

Epilepsy medication for example, can work very well. What is really unfortunate is that there can be side effects.

On occasions, you can experience the side effects months or even years later.

Whilst this is most disheartening, you can still recover your lost libido.

As well as stopping medication altogether (if you can), herbal libido solutions together with detoxing methods are the fastest way to recovery.

Herbal remedies to improve sex drive 

How to detox the body following medication

Lack of quality sleep and stress

Stress can lead to a lack of sleep, less sleep can lead to further stress and so on.

This plays havoc with your sex drive and can cause tension as well as sexual anxiety.

Most women need to be relaxed in order to make love and be satisfied.

How do you get quality sleep, reduce stress and improve libido all at the same time?

Fortunately, it’s absolutely possible to do this without ever taking any unnatural sleeping pills.

By Frank R. Jemson, Health Practitioner 

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