How To Cure Gynecomastia Naturally

If you’re looking to cure gynecomastia naturally, all you really need to do is to reduce the amount of fat on top of the chest muscles.

When I Had Chest Fat

I thought that my chest fat was a little excessive at one point. It was becoming wobbly and although I did plenty of weights and chest exercises in the gym, I was in danger of growing real manboobs (or moobs).

I didn’t want to become an object of ridicule among my friends who mostly were either skinny or had lean muscle.

Obviously, I’d never entertain the idea of having surgery to get rid of manboobs or chest fat.

For me to cure this kind of emerging and  worrying case of gynecomastia I only had one option: natural cures without any surgery!

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is in basic terms, manboobs or excessive chest fat on a man.

Many of these men can actually look like transexuals or women from a distance and find it difficult to talk about their loose moobs and fat chest.

In the film “Fight Club” you may recall a character with huge manboobs.

And the common misconception about having male breasts is that most men believe that you need to exercise in order to get rid of them.

While exercise is a very positive initiative, it can appear to make male breasts actually bigger, instead of smaller and tighter.

And this is the last thing you need!

How is this possible?

What happens is that the muscle you are building actually builds under the layers of soft flesh or chest fat, causing your chest to expand outwards.

The exercises that build muscle don’t always reduce the chest fat, and so your chest may still be fairly wobbly and unsightly even after building up your chest.

We’ll discuss how to develop muscles in the place of fat on the chest soon, but first of all it’s important you know what is the cause of your situation and how it came to be.

The Causes Of Gynecomastia

How did it happen that you ended  up with chest fat in the first place?

I researched this myself because the last thing I needed was for my moob chest to come back after all the effort I’d spent toning my chest and losing weight.

What I found when studying the full informative report on gynecomastia was pretty surprising!

1. Beer

Beer drinkers are very often (not always) rounder, have softer bodies and occasionally have manboobs.

Now I used to think that it was a myth about beer making you fat and soft, as I always managed to keep more or less in shape and would drink beer 3 times per week at least and sometimes quite a lot of it.

But now I realize that after a while, that was one of the main reasons I eventually found myself with too much chest fat.

The hops in beer do actually encourage estrogen production in your body. As estrogen is a female hormone, developing male breasts to some extent can be expected.


Too much of some types of food and not enough of other kinds of food can lead to lower testosterone levels and high estrogen levels in a man.

When you consider that women are advised to eat foods such as tofu, soy protein powder, soy milk and tempeh when they are pregnant (to boost female hormones) it becomes pretty obvious you should avoid these foods!

3. Chemicals

Yep, bad old chemicals in plastics are being pumped out in huge volume every single day all over the world.

Some of these plastics are estrogen mimicking, which means that they can actually induce estrogen production in your body.

Some of these can also be found in cleaning detergents.

4.Lack of activity

Physically inactive men who rarely exercise may also have manboobs from the fat deposits that build up over time.

How To Cure Most Cases Of Gynecomastia Naturally Without Surgery

1. The Fast Track Guide

Fortunately for you, if you need a fast solution to blitz your male breasts and get a masculine, toned chest instead, there are some great ones available.

This can be especially useful when you need to to lose chest fat for the summer and it was becoming quite urgent to find a solution.  Just as importantly, you’ll know what to do to avoid having Gynecomastia symptoms again.

2. Improve Diet And Drinking Habits

This is quite easy for you to do, although you might not like doing it!

You’ll have to stop drinking beer, preferably completely to firm up the chest.

Don’t replace beer with other alcohol either; heavy drinking can knock your T levels right down and make your body soft again.

Stick to red wine preferably and keep your limits low.

As for food: avoid the estrogenic foods mentioned above and eat more cauliflower, cabbage and sprouts. Whether you like or hate these, they help keep estrogen levels nice and low for you.

3. Lifestyle

You need a lifestyle which avoids contact with plastics, chemicals and cleaning detergents if you can.

Drink filtered water instead of bottled water. Avoid packaged and processed food.

Eat organic food and include more vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) and lean meat. Chicken, turkey and fish are good for reducing estrogen levels in a man.

Avoid pollution (exhaust fumes) and avoid washing with cheap, poor quality personal hygiene products. Take a look at all detergents in your house and see if you can reduce your exposure to them.


Now you are aware of the causes of the disturbing gynecomastia, you can easily take steps to avoid it.

A big myth these days amongst men is that surgery is required in order to remove excess chest fat. I can absolutely understand why men think this way, after all, there is precious little information that explains why men get male breasts in the first place.

If you have male breasts you really need to work on reducing your estrogen levels. By following the steps above, you should be able to get rid of your chest fat naturally, without even considering dangerous surgery.

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