Control Premature Ejaculation and Improve Your Sex Drive

Learning how to control premature ejaculation is essential to maintaining a high sex drive, a confident manner and high energy levels.

You need to start with a natural libido enhancer to boost your sex drive.


You also need to be practicing the“delay ejaculation technique”regularly.

Boosting male libido

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Once both of these are taken care of, you can now use the Zen visualization technique for controlling ejaculation.

Visualizing to control premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be caused by many factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress, depression, a history of drugs and alcohol, poor physical health and low testosterone.

Whatever the cause of your condition is, your confidence always takes a hit as a result.

Low libido and poor ejaculation control invariably lead to self doubts about sexual performance.

That is to say, even when your physical health has returned, your mental health and your self esteem still need to recover from the battering they’ve taken.

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Improving Sexual Confidence

To regain your sexual self esteem you’ll need to use a technique which will help you to channel energy into stronger erections as well as control premature ejaculation.

This confidence rebuilding technique involves relaxing, visualizing and breathing.


You need to relax your whole body. Find a quiet place where you can’t be disturbed.

Now feel your body. Don’t think of it, just feel your body’s energy.

Take a few minutes breathing slowly and deeply, and feeling the various parts of your body, from your head to your toes and everything in between.


Empty your mind and imagine yourself in a secluded place with a beautiful woman. Relax and breathe until this image is clear in your mind.


Now you visualize sex with the beautiful and sensual girl. Make this very slow and make sure you control your breathing at all times. The girl is understanding and kind to you, make sure you feel that.

Breathe slowly and imagine the event down to the last detail. Her hair, her touch, the surroundings, everything.

Create a strong and confident image of yourself

When it comes to you and the clear image you have of you, imagine yourself exuding confidence and solid energy.

Imagine yourself giving great, long lasting sex to who it is you’re thinking of.

Keep this picture in your mind and include movement, sound and surroundings.

Visualize the duration of sexual activity and the girl being pleasured and satisfied.

Repeat this visualization each time

Each time you masturbate, make sure you have these images clearly in your mind.

Keep up the visualization for a long time and make sure you feel what you would feel if it were true.

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Flex your PC muscles

Flexing your PC muscles is also known as performing Kegel exercises.

You need to do this every single day to improve the quality of your erections AND develop far greater control over ejaculation.

It’s really very simple to do and totally free! No pills, no books, no contraptions.

You can be sitting down, standing up or in the bath. Flex your PC muscles for 5 seconds at a time by using the same muscles you use to stop yourself peeing.

If you can’t do this easily, flex your anus! Doing this will activate your PC muscles.

Do this 50 times a day in sets of 10, holding your PC muscle for 5 seconds a time.

It’s really simple, free and worth it!

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