Cold Showers to Boost Testosterone

Autumn is here. Time to get our coats out and warm up on the couch. Usually, that’s what pre-winter is all about, comfort and warmth. Especially nowadays, when we can barely tell the difference between autumn and winter. So, why on earth, would I even start talking about cold showers?! I can already feel you… shuddering at the idea. Nevertheless, wouldn’t you like to know how cold showers can boost your testosterone levels?

Disclaimer: This article is not for everyone but a fact is a fact. So, if you are willing to go out of your comfort zone and brave the coldness first thing in the morning and/or when you get back home – this is for you. On top of the extra toughness, you will also get an overall health improvement and your skin will rock! Just so you know.

Cold showers and baths have been around for centuries, it’s not a new fad. They were used to treat many illnesses. Back then, a cooooold shower – or bath – was considered normal and was done therapeutically. The 21st century man is a creature of comfort. We enjoy warm clothing outside and heat when indoors. The shower is no exception – it better be warm, especially after a long long day of work or a good work out! However, our bodies are also able to regulate heat by themselves, if only we let them…!

Cold Showers to Boost Testosterone – Thermogenesis and Weight Loss

Thermogenesis is the process of heat production in humans and other warm-blooded animals. To happen it will use energy: our latest meal or our reserves. Therefore, like any heater, your body will need fuel to make thermogenesis work. Generally speaking, the stocked up carbs are used first. Then, the lipolysis occurs, meaning: the breakdown of fat tissue. The lipolysis will free fatty acids which will then be used as fuel.

Through the process of thermogenesis, our organism will attack our fat deposits in order to produce heat and as a collateral effect, you’ll lose weight! Neat, right?

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Researchers have found that subcutaneous adipose tissue (fatty tissue under the skin) is essential for the process of lipolysis during cold exposure. Therefore, it would make sense that someone slightly overweight is more likely to survive in an extreme cold environment. (1)

Our bodies are amazing don’t you think?! They can use every single resource at their disposal in order to turn our very own heater ON. Furthermore, if you are overweight, you might have noticed that you are usually warmer than your thinner mates. This is also related to the quantity of body fat : the more body fat you have, the more “heating” capacities you have.

Cold Showers to Boost Testosterone – Some More Science

Heat – as you might already know – is the ultimate enemy of your testicles. Your bollocks are the source of your precious testosterone, the Male hormone.

The skin that covers your balls is a protection for your testicles. It’s sole purpose is to keep them out of your body and in a fresher environment.

A study from 1999 has revealed that heat significantly affects the weight of testicles and testosterone synthesis. Rats that had been exposed at 43°Celsius for 15 minutes, had dramatically lower testosterone levels compared to the control-group. Their testicles had decreased by 65.4%! (2)

Not unlike certain natural products, cold exposure improves the quality and the volume of sperm.

It’s clear, low temperatures will improve testicular function and testosterone production. Therefore, to stimulate your balls, cold showers are a win! However, tight boxers and trousers are a no-no – avoid them at any cost. Additionally, cold showers stimulate the heart and blood flow. A good blood flow is indispensable to have gorgeous erections and optimal physical performances! 😉

Different methods and advice to turn the cold shower into a habit:

  • You only need to expose yourself for a minimum of 10 minutes to start the process of thermogenesis.
  • Start with a lukewarm shower if you really can’t fathom instant coldness. Progressively, you’ll diminish temperature until you’ll feel a slight heart acceleration. Every day, you’ll go a bit lower. Gradually, your body will get used to the cold and trust me, it feels as nice as a hot shower!
  • Alternatively, you can start brutally. Go ahead and brave the cold shower head on. Although, in order to do this, your cardiovascular health needs to be good. If in doubt, consult your doctor first.
  • There is also the technique of switching between lukewarm/cold water abruptly. This method will wake you up, be warned! Nonetheless, it won’t prevent you to have a good night of sleep – might actually improve it – and it will definitely get you up and running in the morning.

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Vincent Lee