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Harder Erections: 5 Tips to Improve your Erections

You want harder erections and to be able to last as long as you want?

Now more than ever, regardless of age, men are experiencing difficulties to get hard. Indeed, a weak erection is not only uncomfortable, it’s also very embarrassing…when it happens during intercourse. However, there are solutions and I’m going to give you 5 tips to improve your erections ASAP.

Why do some men struggle to get hard?

Erectile dysfunction – or ED for short – is becoming more prevalent in our modern society. And there’s a very clear reason for that: testosterone levels are decreasing worldwide.

Moreover, an unhealthy lifestyle can easily create blood flow issues and thus, erectile troubles.

But first, let’s take a look at why healthy testosterone levels are essential.

Harder Erections: The Importance of Testosterone

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone. Also, testosterone is crucial for muscular growth, weight management, risk taking (and behaviour), motivation and virility in general.

So, let’s get to the point. Low levels of testosterone can cause the following: low libido, weak or non-existent erections, belly fat, boobs (gynecomastia, a disease linked to impotency) and a severely lacking sense of motivation.

Therefore, keeping T levels in check is incredibly important.

Also, you should know that after 30, testosterone levels drop up to 1% every single year. (1)

Nowadays, we know that erectile dysfunction is mainly the result of hormonal dysfunction and/or blood flow issues.

So, what can we do to get harder erections that last, on a regular basis?

Harder Erections: 5 Tips to Improve your Erections

1. Take an Aphrodisiac Supplement

A natural aphrodisiac can help your body to increase testosterone levels and improve blood flow at the same time.

For instance, a product that contains the following ingredients can help your body to be more efficient in producing testosterone: tribulus terrestris, ginseng, maca, tongkat ali, forskolin, zinc, etc.

After a month, you should start noticing some encouraging results:

  • An improved libido
  • Harder erections
  • Longer erections
  • Increase of muscle mass
  • Less fat (especially visceral fat)
  • More energy & motivation

These natural aphrodisiac supplement can stimulate desire and improve blood flow. Thus, helping your penis to have access to more blood and consequently, better erections.

2. Exercise like a Beast

How can exercise help you boost your libido & erections?

Exercise is an activity that burns fat, improves cardiovascular health, boosts testosterone and blood flow.

Studies have show that regular runners and weight lifters have higher levels of testosterone than someone who doesn’t. In addition, weight lifting boosts nitric oxide production, a gas that favours a healthy blood flow.

However, for best results, it’s recommended to practice an intense form of exercise (like HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training) for 60 minutes daily. Also, you shouldn’t workout more than 5 or 6 days a week. Indeed, a day off will help your body maximise the results and well, recuperate.

So, exercise is an essential tool to be healthy, fit and to boost your erections & performance.

3. Massage your Little Friend

What? Ahh…You already do that?

I am not talking about that kind of massage friend.

Often, blood flow is less efficient around the area surrounding the penis. This is caused by deposits in your blood vessels that can increase over time (main cause: an unhealthy diet). As a result, erections are weak and don’t last long. Basically, the blood doesn’t stay long in the penis.

By massaging the area around your penis regularly – near your perineum, behind your testes – you will improve blood flow and consequently, your erections.

Also, you can exercise your perineal muscle to improve erections…check this out!

4. Improve your Diet (and stick to it)

Diet is crucial to be healthy & have a normal sexual function. So, it’s no surprise that junk food, way too many refined carbs, sodas, fruit juices, deserts (etc.) can seriously threaten your health and erections.

By eliminating (or significantly reducing) those, you will eventually see a great improvement!

Also, favouring organic produce, wholesome grains, legumes, leafy greens, nuts, healthy fats and protein will change your health and sexuality for the better.

For additional benefits, make sure to eat plenty of broccoli, cauliflower and eggs to boost your testosterone!

Need to lose weight to improve your performance in bed? Read this article to help you out.

5. Reduce (or stop altogether) Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol (especially beer) decreases testosterone and libido in men. Okay, the very occasional drink won’t be devastating but it doesn’t take that much booze to ruin your sexual life. (2)

If you are a beer lover, know that binging on beer is extremely detrimental to your erections.

So, if you want to indulge, make sure it happens for a big occasion and not weekly.

Also, tobacco is another big culprit when it comes to unhealthy erections. Actually, cigarettes will severely damage your blood flow. So, either stop or if not, switch to vaping.

Consequently, I can only advise you to reduce your alcohol consumption, stop smoking and VERY quickly, you will see an incredible difference when it comes to your erections!

Harder Erections: A Few Wise (ish) Words

It’s a fact, creating new habits isn’t easy and it takes time until it becomes a routine – and it also takes time before seeing encouraging results.

So, to get started, take a good look at yourself and your lifestyle, and figure out what small changes you can make TODAY.

Then, find a quality aphrodisiac supplement that can already give you a nice boost.

It won’t be easy but in a few weeks, you will start noticing some very real changes. Your:

  • libido will come say hello more often.
  • erections will last far longer and will be harder.
  • physical performance will improve.
  • mood and energy levels will be on the rise!

Good luck on your journey mate & stick to it, the benefits are worth it!

If you are anxious before or during sex, read our tips to reduce stress in the bedroom.

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Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction : Is there a link?

Cycling and erectile dysfunction…that doesn’t sound appealing, right? Usually, when we think about cycling, the words pleasure, health, effort, achievement or stunning scenery come to mind. However, you may have heard that cycling could cause problems down there…

So, let’s discover, once and for all, if cycling is dangerous for our erections.

Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction – The Myth

For a long time, it was believed that cycling more than 3 hours per week could cause erectile troubles.

Yet, a study from 2004 followed 5000 men and the results were not as dramatic as previously thought. The only possible caveat is a very light increase in the risk of prostate cancer (in men over 50), who cycle more than 4 hours per week. (1)

Be that as it may, this study doesn’t show a provable casual link between prostate cancer and cycling. Consequently, we shouldn’t over worry when it comes to that.

Nonetheless, even if this study that used a substantial number of participants doesn’t show any provable link, between cycling and erectile dysfunction, it didn’t take into account…the pressure experienced by the perineum (the region between the anus and the testes) when riding on a saddle.

As a matter of fact, the pressure of the saddle can cause pains, tingling, insensibility and numb sexual organs.

Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction – The Reality

Therefore, cycling moderately (2 to 3 hours per week) shouldn’t have any real risk on our erectile function. Moreover, even if you push it further, there is little to no chances to damage your precious. But, like most things in life, it’s necessary to take a few precautions.

So, before getting back on the saddle, take into account the following advice to reduce/avoid any bothersome symptoms:
  • Choose a saddle that has a shorter “pointy bit” (I’m not much of a cyclist 😉 ) or one that has an aperture in the middle. This type of saddle can prevent the compression of the perineum and boost blood flow (and oxygen) towards it.
  • Use padded shorts to protect your sexual organs. Indeed, these kinds of models reduce the numbness experienced over long periods of cycling.
  • Avoid resting on your arms when you’re cycling. The added weight increases the pressure on your penis and testes. However, if you have to stretch your arms on your bike, consider investing in shorter handlebars or a bicycle with a shorter frame.
  • Get up from your saddle every 10 to 15 minutes to favour a good oxygen supply towards your pelvis – and to limit the pressure on the blood vessels that keep your best friend working properly. Also, by doing this, you will be able to boost your thrust on slopes or when there’s a dodgy driver…

If you suffer from diabetes, discover these 15 foods to reduce blood sugar and improve performance.

Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction – Risks Linked to Cycling

Regular cycling can cause prostatitis or the apparition of a lump (the infamous third testicle). Nothing dramatic here but once again, prevention is key. So, read the following carefully.


Generally, prostatitis happens when the cyclist bends forward (and more so, when the saddle is thin and hard). To address the issue, there’s no other solution than your doctor. Usually, a prescription of anti-inflammatory medicine for a few days will deal with the problem.

Be careful, if you suspect a prostatitis, don’t wait or it could get worse!

Third Testicle

If you’re more than a once in a blue moon cyclist, you probably are familiar with the third testicle. This is the result of a thickening of the tissue surrounding the perineum. Nevertheless, this lump is not necessarily painful but it can become uncomfortable. If that’s the case, the only option to remove it, will be surgery.

In addition, it’s possible to develop an inflammation of one or more small sacs of synovial fluid: bursitis or hygroma. Usually, this lesion is observed in moderate to high-level cyclists.

So, should you see a red patch, that is painful to touch between your anus and testes, go to the doc ASAP.

Moreover, to diminish/avoid these problems, strengthen your perineum. Click here to know more.

Other Issues

In rarer circumstances, it’s possible to develop a traumatism of the perineum that can lead towards erectile dysfunction.

The first sign is having difficulties to urinate. Thus, if you struggle peeing after a good ride, mention it to your GP.

Indeed, any change of sensitivity of your penis, testes or a difficulty to urinate, needs a medical consultation to prevent things worsening. (2)

Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction – Conclusion

Is there a link between cycling and erectile dysfunction then? For now, there’s no conclusive evidence to support that cycling can cause ED.

Moreover, by taking some precautions, you can usually avoid most problems linked to cycling.

So, unless your doctor says otherwise, there’s no reason not to enjoy the benefits of cycling. But, if you want to practice more often, talk about it with your doc. Who knows…he could also have some interesting advice!

Boost your energy levels…naturally!

(1) An Observational Study of Erectile Dysfunction, Infertility, and Prostate Cancer in Regular Cyclists: Cycling for Health UK Study. Hollingworth Milo, Harper Alice and Hamer Mark. Journal of Men’s Health. 2014.
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How to Boost your Dopamine with 7 Efficient Tips

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter who’s job is to communicate with the nervous system. In this way, it influences our behavior, more specifically our mood. In fact, dopamine is essential to feel good. When you eat something pleasant or have sex, your levels of dopamine increase. However, maybe sometimes, you would like to boost your dopamine to keep the blues at bay?

If you have been feeling overly stressed, tired or depressed, try the following tips to boost your dopamine ASAP!

How to Boost your Dopamine with 7 Efficient Tips

The following tips aren’t innovative or new. However, they do work. These tips will boost your dopamine, without side effects. Moreover, you can easily integrate them in your current routine. Thus, you will be able to improve your present and your future!

To avoid failing, try incorporating one or two tips and then, you can progressively add more. As a result, you will have more chances to stick with it and most importantly, observe the positive results on the long run.

Tip n°1: Improve your Diet

To ensure the proper function of your body, it’s important to take care of your diet. For instance, an unhealthy diet will have an immediate impact on your cognitive abilities and that includes, the production of neurotransmitters.

Additionally, a healthy diet will boost your mood thanks to a myriad of other factors. For example, a high intake of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids (healthy fats), protein, a little bit of carbs and dietary fiber.

If you need to lose weight, weight loss can also boost your dopamine levels.

To know more about efficient diets for men click here.

In addition, specific foods can boost dopamine. Some foods contain components called tyrosine and phenylalanine. Both are precursors of dopamine and they will eventually turn into the neurotransmitter. (1)

Therefore, include the following foods in your improved diet and eat them regularly:
  • Nuts & Seeds: almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Fruits & Vegetables: avocado, banana, watermelon, soy and soy products
  • Legumes: kidney beans, black beans, lentils
  • Protein: beef, chicken, eggs, organic yogurt, fish
  • Deliciousness: Dark Chocolate (70% min)

Tip n°2: Boost your Dopamine with Supplements

Deficiencies can cause very real health issues and they definitely can impact the health of our neurotransmitters. To make sure you’re good, I would advise a comprehensive blood test.

For instance, in Occident, most of the population is deficient in vitamin D and the darker your skin, the bigger the “chance”. A deficiency in vitamin D can reduce your testosterone levels and impact your overall health negatively. Consequently, taking a supplement of vitamin D (D2 or D3 for best results) is essential.

Also, the seaweeds chlorella and spirulina both contain vitamin D and additional properties (excellent for bone and joint health).

Tip n°3: Improve your Lifestyle

What is a good lifestyle? To sum it up simply: a health diet, regular exercise, a relaxed mindset and very importantly, good sleeping habits.

After taking care of your diet, exercise is essential to ensure an optimal level of dopamine. Exercise is needed to increase the absorption of calcium, a mineral used in the production of dopamine.

However, exercise can also be walking, hiking or any low impact activity. Those are excellent activities to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance progressively.

Start with a minimum of 3 sessions of exercise a week (for a minimum of 45 minutes).

For best results and a vastly improved health, combine a cardiovascular activity (swimming, jogging, soccer, etc.) with a resistance one (weight lifting, calisthenics, paddling, etc.).

Last but not least, a healthy lifestyle is characterized by good sleeping habits. So, make sure to establish a good pre-bed routine and to sleep ENOUGH, and keep a regular sleeping schedule. It makes all the difference in the world!

Discover efficient advice to boost your energy levels right now!

Tip n°4: Be Creative

Creativity allows us to be hyper-focused. Consequently, we are far more receptive during the process of creation.

For example, during creation (painting, music, writing, dancing, poetry, sculpture, singing, etc.) we produce a lot more dopamine and thus, that’s why being artsy feels so good.

However, like anything else in life, you will need to find something you really enjoy doing. So, try different activities and who knows…you may even surprise yourself with a beautiful hidden talent!

Tip n°5: Deal with Addiction

Aren’t we all addicts?

We all do things that brings us an instantaneous satisfaction. Whether it’s porn, shopping, food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, extreme sports, etc.

Eventually, those addictions will reduce our levels of dopamine. This is the result of messing with our “reward circuit” – by being dependent to something, we get overly excited when we finally get some and our reward circuit frees up way too much dopamine.

Over time, our reward circuit doesn’t work as efficiently and mundane activities don’t bring us much excitement. (2)

Thus, it’s essential to deal with your addiction, whatever that may be. For instance, seek professional help if you need it. Don’t wait until matters get worse.

If you are masturbating too often, discover the side effects of excessive masturbation.

Tip n°6: Find New Goals

Dopamine is directly linked to pleasure – thus, it’s a very hedonist neurotransmitter!

To improve your dopamine levels, sometimes, you just need to give yourself a bit of a kick in the bottom, to collect the benefits of your success.

For instance, creating small and long term goal is a must to boost your dopamine levels – and then, of course, accomplishing them!

By stimulating your brain in this way, you will reduce your risk of degenerative cognitive disease (dementia and Alzheimer) and you will boost your dopamine levels in the process.

Tip n°7: If Everything Fails, Seek Professional Help

If you have tried the tips mentioned above without much success. Consult a professional.

If you suffer from depression or suspect you do, don’t wait until it gets worse, seek professional help ASAP.

Sometimes, tips aren’t enough.

Also, confide to a close friend or a partner for moral support, don’t be too proud to ask for help.

Take care of yourself.

(1) Effects of systemicl-tyrosine on dopamine release from rat corpus striatum and nucleus accumbens. Matthew J.During, Ian N.Acworth, Richard J.Wurtman. Brain Research. Volume 452, Issues 1–2, 14 June 1988.
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Natural and Powerful PDE-5 Inhibitors

What are natural and powerful PDE-5 inhibitors or phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (aka. the correct medical term)?

This medical term designs medicine used to inhibit the secretion of the enzyme PDE-5. By doing so, we can prevent the interruption of certain bodily mechanisms that relax blood vessels. Therefore, this type of medicine or in some cases, natural components can lead to powerful erections… because the penis is filled with more blood during the fatidic moment.

PDE-5 inhibitors can restore normal erectile function up to a whooping 70% (for patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction – ED). Moreover, those inhibitors can treat various cases of ED regardless of their origin.

However, before grabbing a pill, you should know that you can find natural and powerful PDE-5 inhibitors!

Natural and Powerful PDE-5 Inhibitors – How Does it Work?

Among the most known PDE-5 inhibitors, you will find Viagra, Levitra or Cialis containing the chemicals sildenafil, vardenafil or tadalafil. As a matter of fact, most of us are familiar with the results of these so-called miraculous pills. However, these little “miracles” come with a long list of side-effects that would deter most of us from using them long-term.

Instead, let’s understand how they work…and then, you’ll get some natty (natural) alternatives!

If you need a boost of testosterone, discover these natural supplements ASAP!

How Does a PDE-5 Inhibitor Work?

During sexual stimulation, the arteries of the penis become larger. Thus, the blood flow towards your third leg increases. Simultaneously, your penis swells and compresses the veins that usually transport your blood far away from your verge. In this way, the length and girth of your phallus is going to increase until a full-on erection.

In the case of an erectile dysfunction, the blood flow necessary for a good erection doesn’t happen because of X factor. For instance, it could be the result of a lack of blood flow towards the penis or a general reduction of blood flow. Thereupon, an erection can’t properly happen. The factors causing the issue can vary: a trouble linked to the blood vessels (cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, etc.), a problem located around the nerves of the penis or an inflammation of it.

Physiologically, this translates to a lack of communication between the chemical messenger and the naturally occurring enzymes in the organism. Or, in other words, cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate) and the enzyme PDE-5. The messenger cGMP is activated in the brain during sexual stimulation and favours the relaxation of smooth muscle in the penis. In this way, blood flow and the girth of the penis increases. However, the PDE-5 enzyme decomposes the messenger cGMP.

Let’s Make it Simple:

If your body produces too much PDE-5 enzyme, the messenger cGMP will degrade itself before the beginning of an erection or shortly after.

Thus, PDE-5 inhibitors will inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme in the blood. Consequently, the messenger cGMP won’t decompose earlier than needed. The inhibiting effect will relax blood vessels, thus, improving blood flow and erections!

So, where do we find those natural and powerful PDE-5 inhibitors?

Natural and Powerful PDE-5 Inhibitors – Top 3 Supplements

Instead of chemical molecules that can inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme with an extensive list of side-effects, try the following natural alternatives. The supplements below are natural and when the dosage is respected, devoid of side-effects. Here we go!

Did you know that Turmeric can help with ED and low libido? Click here to know more!

Icariin Extract

Icariin extract is the active ingredient of Horny Goat Weed (or Epimedium). Epimedium has been used for millenaries in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat erectile dysfunction. Nowadays, researchers are actively looking into this natural product.

Studies have shown that icariin is a natural PDE-5 inhibitor that can also increase testosterone levels. Moreover, icariin regulates the production of cortisol (stress hormone). High levels of cortisol can disrupt testosterone synthesis. (1)

Dosage: Consume 250 to 1000 mg of icariin daily.


Pycnogenol is obtained from the bark of maritime pine. It is found around the Mediterranean region and in the south-west of France. In addition, this is one of the best supplements to improve erectile function.

It’s properties are the result of its capacity to increase nitric oxide production in the body. A gas that improves blood flow and consequently, erections.

A study demonstrated that pycnogenol offers better results than a conventional treatment used to treat chronic venous insufficiency (a cause of ED). (2)

Dosage: Consume approximately 50 mg of pycnogenol 1 to 3 times a day.


Forskolin extract comes from a plant called Coleus Forskohlii. Its utilisation can be traced back to Ayurvedic medicine in India, millenaries ago.

Forskolin has beneficial effects on glaucoma, muscular growth and weight loss. However, the list doesn’t stop there, forskolin can also increase testosterone and of course, inhibit the PDE-5 enzyme.

Researchers have demonstrated that the consumption of forskolin can increase free testosterone levels up to 34% with a daily 50 mg dose!

Dosage: However, the optimal dosage is 500 mg daily. For best results, choose a supplement that has a minimum of 10% of forskolin.

Discover some truly effective aphrodisiacs now!

(1) Potent inhibition of human phosphodiesterase-5 by icariin derivatives. Dell’Agli M, Galli GV, Dal Cero E, Belluti F, Matera R, Zironi E, Pagliuca G, Bosisio E. J Nat Prod. 2008.
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Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men

If you are here, reading this article, I would imagine you have tried a few ineffective products and now, you would rather find effective aphrodisiacs for men. Instead of spending a small fortune into products that do not work. So, let’s not lose time!

Over the years, I have tried many aphrodisiacs or products who claimed to be. Today, I finally know what is effective and most importantly, what isn’t.

Before I get started, here’s a few tips to ease your mind – don’t stay stuck with the following cyclical thoughts (nothing good will come out of them):
  • At my age, I shouldn’t have erectile dysfunction or libido problems.
  • I am not even in my fifties and I need a “magical” blue pill to have a hard-on.
  • It’s time to have a prescription in order to have sex.
  • What are the side effects of this pills?!
  • Once my stock is depleted, I won’t be able to have an erection and I will be lost again.
  • At the end of the day, medicine doesn’t really help but how can I possibly have sex without drugs?

I get it, it’s hard to find effective aphrodisiac for men. However, before throwing in the towel and grabbing your little blue pill, try some plants that have been thoroughly studied. They DO work!

And now, without further ado…let’s check out these effective aphrodisiac for men!

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Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men – Science & Results

All aphrodisiacs work differently. For instance, the following plants have a multitude of components that work in synergy (together) to improve your sexual and general health.

Basically, they do so by: increasing your testosterone or T levels, improving the sensitivity of your penis, reducing your levels of female hormones (estrogen), boosting your energy levels, improving your blood flow and more often than not, they do several of these things at once.

Thanks to these effective aphrodisiac for men, you will be able to observe the following (results can vary depending on the plant or the person):
  • Your virility (manliness) will reach new highs thanks to a libido boost and an increase of testosterone levels.
  • By boosting your blood flow, your erections will be harder and last longer. For example, some plants boost nitric oxide levels, a gas that relaxes smooth muscles in blood vessels and consequently, boom, blood flow is improved!
  • Your estrogen levels will be swapped for more T!
  • Your energy levels will increase and therefore, so will your physical performance!
  • Also, you will be able to handle stress better and your sleep will be improved.

Important: By associating effective aphrodisiacs for men with a healthy diet with testosterone boosting foods, you will get even better results. Moreover, exercise and more specifically, weight lifting is essential to boost nitric oxide.

Discover the properties of turmeric to improve ED and libido.

4 Effective Aphrodisiacs for Men

Panax Ginseng

Easily found, ginseng is a brilliant root that will alleviate fatigue and stress levels.

In 2007, a study found that ginseng was a good natural alternative to invasive techniques used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In addition, ginseng also boosts blood flow (hello morning wood!) (1)

For satisfying results, choose Korean Red Ginseng and if your budget allows, you can opt for a fermented version that is more bio-available (better assimilated by your body).

Also, when choosing your ginseng goodness, make sure to go for a product that has a minimum of 70mg of ginsenosides per gram.

Tribulus Terrestris

This Asian plant has been used in Traditional Chinese and Indian Medicine for centuries – to improve fertility, libido and endurance.

Research has shown that Tribulus Terrestris regulates testosterone production and improves libido. Moreover, it increases the motility of sperm and ejaculation load. It does so by increasing nitric oxide production – which should result in a clear improvement of erection quality!

It’s usually recommended to associate Tribulus Terrestris with Mucuna Puriens for best results. Additionally, a minimum of 750 mg daily will get you some proper results.

Make your own aphrodisiac ginger drink, click here!


Maca – or the Peruvian Viagra – is a plant that comes from the Andean highlands. This little treasure stimulates your whole body by improving resistance to stress, libido and fertility.

There are many studies on Maca – one of them found a notable increase of desire in the male subjects. (2)

For best results, take 1 to 3 grams of Maca daily.

Ginkgo Biloba

This Asian plant is mainly known for its action on blood flow…However, Ginkgo Biloba also increases dopamine levels (happiness hormone) and helps reduce levels of cortisol (a nefarious hormone released during chronic stress). For instance, its anti-stress properties will improve libido and endurance. Especially, if you are no stranger to chronic stress.

So, Ginkgo will boost your erections and performance. A perfect 2 in 1 combo!

For best results, take 120 to 240 mg of Ginkgo daily (in 2 or 3 times). However, some people do experience stomach discomfort. At the beginning, take small doses and increase your dosage progressively, to see if it affects you.

What are the most effective aphrodisiacs for men ? The answer is…many. This list doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive. Nonetheless, these 4 plants are excellent to start seeing real results. Try one at the time and see for yourself which ones are the most beneficial to you.

Discover the properties of other effective aphrodisiacs for men here and also, increase your sperm volume!

Enjoy your improved sxe life and your really hard erections! Feel free to share your results with us!

(1) Study of the efficacy of Korean Red Ginseng in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. de Andrade E, de Mesquita AA, Claro Jde A, de Andrade PM, Ortiz V, Paranhos M, Srougi M. Asian J Androl. 2007.
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Diabetes and Performance : 15 Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar

Type 2 diabetes is a disease that can be prevented (and sometimes, treated naturally). However, type 1 diabetes is still incurable and sufferers have to rely on insulin injections daily. Nevertheless, regardless of your type of diabetes, one of the best ways to improve your quality of life is by optimizing your diet. Hence, incorporate the following 15 foods to reduce blood sugar and improve your physical performance.

However, understand that these following foods are an additional step, they do not replace a diet heavily focused on vegetables, with enough protein (25 to 35% depending on your level of physical activity), healthy fats and very little carbs.

In other words, like any person that wishes to improve and/or maintain their health, a diabetic needs to take charge in the kitchen and cook to control the quality of his diet.

Now, let’s discover those 15 foods to reduce blood sugar and improve your diabetes and performance.

Important: If your type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed in the past 6 years, you may be able to reverse the damage! Several studies from Newcastle University have changed our view of type 2 diabetes and the medical world is catching up! (1)

15 Foods to Reduce Blood Sugar

1. Apple

Apples are inexpensive and available all year around. Therefore, with a few Brazil nuts or almonds, they make an easy and healthy snack.

Moreover, apples have little calories and a lot of dietary fiber. Thanks to that combination, they will ease your hunger and reduce glucose spikes – or hyperglycemia.

2. Mango

10 daily grams of mango are enough to reduce your blood sugar.

However, mangoes are rich in fructose (aka sugar) – eating the whole thing in one sitting is not advised.

To dose it properly, add a few pieces to your morning oat or chia seed porridge (chia seeds are great to reduce your carb consumption while leaving you satisfied and full).

3. Lemon

On top of being a good source of vitamin C, lemons are also rich in limonene and rutin (aka vitamin P or flavonoids).

Thanks to these acid components, lemons reduce the glycemic index of the other ingested foods and your cholesterol levels (the bad kind: LDL).

Discover these 10 foods with arginine to improve your physical performance and diet.

4. Avocado

This delicious fruit slows down digestion and prevents glycemic spikes after meals. (2)

Additionally, avocados are rich in healthy fats (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) and make you feel full faster.

For instance, by consuming half an avocado before your lunch and diner, you will eat less and your blood sugar levels will be more balanced.

In addition, avocado is your friend for weight loss (good fats help you control the amount of food you eat)!

5. Berries

Berries are packed full with a natural component that reduces blood sugar levels: anthocyanin.

One of the many properties of anthocyanin is to stimulate the production of insulin (which is ideal when you struggle to produce your own)!

Thus, don’t hesitate to freeze them – that way you can eat them all year long!

6. Cherries

Cherries are extremely rich in antioxidants (and also anthocyanin). Moreover, they are rich in fibers and contain little calories.

This delicious fruit can help you diminish your blood sugar levels, your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. However, one handful is enough!

Do you need an energy boost? Check these tips to boost your energy levels ASAP!

7. Broccoli

Like most green and cruciferous vegetables, broccoli is full of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

In addition, broccoli contains chrome. This trace element balances blood sugar levels. Therefore, you can overindulge with broccoli every single day, it’s GREAT for you and it contains very, very little calories.

8. Legumes

Legumes (chickpeas, red beans, kidney beans, lentils, etc.) are rich in soluble fibers, minerals and protein.

This combination is ideal to reduce blood sugar levels, reduce animal protein consumption and have lasting energy without those pesky crashes.

9. Barley

Pasta and rice, even the wholesome kinds, radically increase blood sugar levels. However, barley doesn’t – instead, it reduces the glycemic index of the foods your eating with it and your cholesterol levels too.

Oats are also good to reduce your blood sugar but heavy on carbs. Alternate with chia seeds or a salty (carb less) breakfast on the lazy days.

10. Nuts

Often, we don’t give nuts the credit they deserve because of their calorific content. However, nuts contain excellent fats not unlike extra virgin olive oil, avocado, cold pressed coconut oil, organic butter, etc.

The fats contained in Brazil nuts, almonds, pistachios, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, walnuts (etc.) reduce blood sugar levels and prevent snacking.

In addition, they are also very filling. As I said previously, just grab a handful of nuts and a fruit or a yogurt, and you will have a healthy and filling snack.

After these 15 foods to reduce blood sugar, discover these 10 foods that will imrpove your sexual endurance!

11. Eggs

Here’s a staple that most of us have in their fridges (or out of it, depending on your local food regulations). Well, as it happens, eggs are incredibly nutritious and cheap. Science has now debunked the myth that eggs increase the risk of cardiovascular disease…

In truth, eggs are very healthy and contain all the essential fatty acids that we need. Moreover, those fatty acids will help regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Therefore, don’t be afraid of eating them regularly but do try to get them organic and avoid cooking the yolk to preserve their nutritious goodness.

12. Olive Oil

That gorgeous Mediterranean oil is an excellent source of healthy fats. Fats that we need to function. Yes, I’m not kidding, our bodies NEED fat.

Also, olive oil belongs to the family of mono-unsaturated fats. These fats improve insulin resistance and prevent abdominal fat.

However, unlike extra virgin olive oil, saturated fats found in cold cuts and fast food are not healthy. Should you want to eat any of these, make it a once in a blue moon treat.

13. Cocoa

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Well, I have good news, cocoa can help you reduce blood sugar levels!

However, opt for raw cocoa or dark chocolate (70% and +).

For instance, cocoa is rich in antioxidants and flavanols, known to regulate the production of glucose (sugar).

14. Cinnamon

Several studies have shown that cinnamon is useful to reduce blood sugar.

By eating it daily, you can reduce your blood sugar levels, your cholesterol and triglycerides.

In order to get those benefits, you should consume between 1 and 6 grams of cinnamon daily (supplements can do the trick).

15. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, like many whole grains, can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides levels. (3)

Moreover, they are brilliant to stabilize blood sugar levels and improve insulin resistance.

Extra: If you want to try a chia seed porridge, let them sit in milk or vegetable/nut milk overnight and add some stevia, cocoa and some berries for a guilt free delicious breakfast!

You have now discovered 15 foods to reduce blood sugar, continue reading us regularly to improve your health and your sexual life naturally!

(1) Translating aetiological insight into sustainable management of type 2 diabetes. Roy Taylor, Alison C. Barnes. Diabetologia. 2017.

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10 Foods Containing Arginine

Arginine – scientifically called L-Arginine – is an amino acid produced by our bodies. However, deficiencies are common and are often the result of trauma (cuts, burns, surgical procedure, etc.). Several foods can compensate this by providing us with naturally occurring arginine or citrulline (its precursor). Discover them in this article: 10 foods containing arginine.

Arginine is crucial for cellular division and photosynthesis (e.g. what allows our bodies to synthesise organic matter thanks to UV light not unlike vitamin D). Moreover, it also helps to relax blood cells.

Starting adulthood, we have to consume 6 to 9 grams of arginine daily. In addition, this amino acid is beneficial for people suffering from migraines, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc.

If you do not suffer from the pathologies aforementioned, arginine will improve your blood flow and your cardiovascular health. Essentially, it’s the ideal stuff to replenish your energy levels and boost your erections! Also, it will reduce your risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. (1)

Now, let’s discover these 10 foods containing arginine!

10 Foods Containing Arginine

1. Crustacea and Fish

Crustacea – aka seafood – is an excellent source of arginine. However, the hefty price tag and the endangered species limit our consumption. So, when possible, enjoy the benefits of crab, lobster, oysters, prawns, squid, clams, etc.

Also, fatty fishes are a good source of arginine. If your budget is low, stock up on sardines, they are also an excellent source of fatty acids (omega 3). You can also occasionally eat tuna, salmon, haddock and mackerel.

2. Eggs

Yolks can provide you a healthy amount of arginine. Moreover, eggs are accessible and incredibly versatile.

In addition, eggs are a great source of protein and the yolk contains precious vitamins (avoid cooking the yolk to preserve these).

In order to reap a maximum of benefits, choose your eggs organic or if possible, buy them directly in a traditional farm.

Did you know that eggs contained all the amino acids that we need to function?

Discover the best tips to lose belly fat! Click here!

3. Poultry

Turkey is the poultry winner when it comes to arginine. However, chicken, quail and game all contain decent amounts of arginine.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate little known meats that may be cheaper to your diet. Moreover, ask your butcher for cheap cuts, they are not necessarily offal.

Nonetheless, if you do enjoy offal, go for it, you will boost your iron levels!

4. Red Meat

Extremely rich in protein, red meat is also a good source of arginine.

For best results, get yourself some pork and lean cuts of beef.

However, eating too much red meat is linked to an increase of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, limit your consumption, twice a week maximum.

5. Nuts and Seeds

If you are into snacking, nuts and seeds are a godsend! Not only they are extremely nutritious (proteins, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc.) but they also contain arginine!

Vary your snacking treats by getting plenty of sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, Brazil nuts, almonds, peanuts…

As a rule of thumb, eat about a handful a day, to avoid eating 2 thousand calories in one sitting!

6. Legumes

Chickpeas, red beans, kidney beans, lentils, white beans are all legumes.

The best sources of arginine among them are lentils and chickpeas.

Also, legumes are a brilliant source of protein and minerals.

To boost your sexual performance, improve your diet, click here to know more!

7. Vegetables

Many vegetables contain arginine. However, some are better than others, make sure to buy some: spinach, seaweed, soy bean sprouts, chives, sweet peppers, garlic, onions, leeks and mushrooms.

Vegetal arginine is better assimilated by our bodies and will provide you a quick energy boost.

Additionally, soy supplements containing arginine are available but due to their hormonal influence, I would advise you against it.

8. Fruits

Fruits are a brilliant post-workout snack thanks to the quick sugar fix they provide – with an extra of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and…arginine!

However, there’s a special fruit when it comes to arginine and it’s the gorgeous summery watermelon. This red jewel contains high quantities of citrulline, the precursor of arginine. When it’s in season, eat as much as you can! (2)

When the timing is not right, make sure to eat plenty of grapefruit, strawberries, kiwi, avocado and cantaloupe to ensure optimal levels of arginine all year long.

9. Chocolate

Dark chocolate (preferably raw) is an excellent source of arginine. Also, it’s a source of flavonoids, an essential component to the production of nitric oxide, a gas that improves blood flow and therefore, the quality of erections.

Additionally, chocolate contains components that favour well-being. So, allow yourself a daily pleasure, one or two squares a day or a bit of raw chocolate in a honey sweetened yogurt.

On the other hand, white or milk chocolate are nearly entirely devoid of those benefits. Also, the quantity of sugar they contain may elevate your blood sugar levels and your risk of type 2 diabetes. In consequence, their consumption should be occasional.

10. Cereals

Wheat is a good source of arginine. However, it has to be wholesome and unrefined. You could replace your pasta or rice with whole grains of wheat.

Alternatively, when opting for pasta, try wholesome pastas made with quinoa, vegetables or seaweed. They are very tasty, way more nutritious and they don’t raise your blood sugar to its highest levels.


It’s impossible to overdo arginine. However, an elevated level can cause gastrointestinal pains. If so, refrain from eating foods containing arginine for a while.

If you suffer from herpes simplex, avoid foods containing arginine as it could cause the multiplication of the virus.

In addition, if you take medication, feel free to ask your GP if it’s safe to take your medication with higher levels of arginine. It could diminish or increase their strength.

Do you want to lose breast fat? Follow our advice to get started!

(1) Dietary L-Arginine Intakes and the Risk of Metabolic Syndrome: A 6-Year Follow-Up in Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study. Parvin Mirmiran, Sajjad Khalili Moghadam, Zahra Bahadoran, Asghar Ghasemi, Fereidoun Azizi. Prev Nutr Food Sci. 2017.

(2) Watermelon consumption increases plasma arginine concentrations in adults. Collins JK, Wu G, Perkins-Veazie P, Spears K, Claypool PL, Baker RA, Clevidence BA. Nutrition. 2007.


How to Boost your Energy Levels ?

One of the most valuable things we own in life is energy. That same energy is the essence of future goals and dreams. However, energy isn’t exactly a straight forward thing. Therefore, how to boost your energy levels?

We don’t necessarily know where it comes from or how to boost it. Sometimes, it will powerful as soon as we open one eye, a ferocious and determined energy. But some days are cloudier, it’s lacking and its absence weights heavily on us.

This crucial resource is the vitality that gives flavour, intoxicating smells and colour to our lives. However, energy is a force with multiple sources. In order to improve it daily, there are several strategies available…let’s take a look at them!

How to Boost your Energy Levels – By Improving your Lifestyle

If there’s one thing that can “easily” be improved, it’s our diets and the attention we give to our bodies. By doing so, you can be certain to observe real results. Among them, you will improve your health, your physical aspect (e.g., your skin will be cleaner and more radiant) and if you are overweight, you’ll lose some weight too. Brilliant!

What’s even more surprising is that with a few key changes, you will have a lot more energy daily.

By Eating Healthily

Cooking is a basic skill to master in order to be healthy and full of energy. To start with, you’ll have to eliminate industrial meals (pre-made foods & fast food) and limit transformed foods (white rice and pasta, bread, cereals, etc.).

Your major enemy is SUGAR. You’ll find it anywhere, in industrial foods, fast food, crackers, alcohol, carbs and of course, anything sweet.

In order to reduce your consumption of sugar, replace carbs with legumes (with moderation) and generous sides of seasonal vegetables (preferably steamed with a bit of extra virgin olive oil or organic butter).

When you fancy some of that sweet sweetness in your life, eat fruits! Chose them organic and seasonal when possible, to enjoy as much nutrients as possible and less…pesticides. If you can’t live without sugar, get yourself some stevia based sweetener. Stevia is a naturally sweet plant entirely devoid of side effects (unlike aspartame which is a known carcinogen). (1)

Learn to cook simply and garnish your meals with spices and fresh herbs for a satisfying flavour. For extra help, search recipes online, you will find a multitude of websites conceived for people who don’t know how to cook or don’t cook much.

Spices bring life to your meals but they can also improve libido and ED. Check out the properties of turmeric!

By Exercising Regularly

Paradoxically, to boost your energy levels, you will need to expand more! Indeed, our bodies are designed for movement, especially when it comes to walking.

By moving regularly (with your legs), your mood will be improved and your brain activity boosted by the extra amount of blood received in your brain and consequently, of oxygen. (2)

Furthermore, if you have the possibility of installing a treadmill desk or to work standing, it will revolutionize your health!

If that’s not in the realm of possibility, go for brisk walks 2 or 3 times daily (10 minutes each). Those fast walks are ideal to boost your health and improve cognitive function. Additionally, if you’re overweight, you will lose some of it too!

Moreover, exercise regularly and chose an activity you truly enjoy (4 or 5 times a week for a minimum of 30 minutes). Ideally, you could alternate between a cardiovascular (swimming, running, etc.) and a muscle strengthening activity (weight lifting is also a brilliant way to boost your testosterone levels).

Discover the most efficient diets for men here!

How to Boost your Energy Levels – By Managing your Stress and Environment

Mental health is an essential component of healthy energy levels. Nowadays, stress tends to be everywhere and unfortunately, it’s hard to keep it out of home. With our exceedingly complicated careers, commuting, work pressure, administrative caveats and our personal lives, we tend to move at an accelerated rate.

Yet, to enjoy life, it’s essential to pause the madness and savour moments of simplicity.

For instance, sharing a nice meal with our family or friends, going out to see an exciting movie, going to the countryside for the week-end, having a swimming-pool break, meditating in a calm place or being absorbed in a song that we love.

Enjoy those moments as much as you possible can. This is the stuff of life!

Moreover, managing your stress levels is crucial in order to deal with it. There is a wide array of activities that can help you to do so. For example, you could choose a hobby you enjoy or want to try: painting, photography, learning to play an instrument, yoga, meditation or tai-chi.

Also, it’s important to take care of your loved ones and avoid toxic relationships. Don’t hesitate to evaluate your relationships every now and then, to see if those people should still be in your life.

Bonus: Sleep is crucial to keep your energy levels strong. Make sure you sleeping patterns are regular and that you sleep enough (naps are allowed). Avoid all gadgets one hour before sleeping.

How to Boost your Energy Levels – Conclusion

Often, to be happy and full of energy, it all starts by following your call or finding out what that is. If you have found your calling, keep pushing forward and learn from your mistakes.

Energy is intimately linked to joy. Therefore, to enjoy better batteries, allow yourself to live fully and enjoy the new (and the old)!

No matter what, the most important thing is to move forward. Should you need help, ask your loved ones and/or take an appointment with a professional. Men can also struggle and should not be ashamed of that.

You could do something fun now…!

You need a bit of a boost in bed? Discover 4 habits to improve sexual performance.

(1) The carcinogenic effects of aspartame: The urgent need for regulatory re-evaluation. Soffritti M, Padovani M, Tibaldi E, Falcioni L, Manservisi F, Belpoggi F. Am J Ind Med. 2014.
(2) How walking benefits the brain: Researchers show that foot’s impact helps control, increase the amount of blood sent to the brain. Experimental Biology 2017. Science Daily, 24 April 2017.

I Don’t Satisfy my Wife in Bed

“I don’t satisfy my wife in bed”. That’s what an acquaintance recently admitted to me. Of course, he knew what I do for a living. So, this article is for him and for countless of other males in distress, in the hopes it can give you REAL solutions to improve your current situation.

Just a heads up: it happens to all of us – don’t let the shame grow, it’s pointless. This situation can be improved upon and with a bit of perseverance and imagination, you can have a GREAT sexual life!

Now, take a look at the following advice – these are things you ought to avoid or introduce into your routine to improve your sweaty/sexy times with your other half.

I Don’t Satisfy my Wife in Bed – Don’t Do the Following

To know what to avoid, you have to be interested in women and more specifically, in what matters to them when it comes to sex. Nowadays, always being the alpha male isn’t an obligation, you can also show some of your sensibility, especially in bed. The following advice may not apply to you but keep them in mind. If you have a doubt, ask your partner in life, she knows you!

Go from “I don’t satisfy my wife in bed” to “I’m a beast in bed” thanks to the following. Let’s start with the mistakes you should never do in bed…

Coming Too Soon

I know, that one seems obvious. However, if you come before your partner comes, she won’t be satisfied. It’s as simple as that. In an ideal world, you would both come at the same time – and it can happen. Nonetheless, when it doesn’t, you will need to focus on your performance.

Particularly, you will need to work on how to make your erections last longer – start with those 4 habits to improve performance, click here to know more!

Having Bad Hygiene

Sex is the ultimate intimacy. Therefore, leftovers of sweat and urine aren’t great in bed. If you are in dire need to clean yourself, go ahead. She will greatly appreciate it! And don’t miss any bits…you know what I’m talking about – those pesky corners!

Also, don’t forget to take your socks off. Socks are not sexy.

Exiting Foreplay Too Soon or Going Straight for the Kill

Let’s preface this paragraph with: wildfire explosive sex doesn’t count. In most cases, foreplay is a must and shouldn’t be disregarded as a simple warm up. For those who don’t know it, a woman has a lot more erogenous zones (the “exciting” buttons) than the boobs and the vaginal area.

Foreplay is an excellent way to get acquainted with every single inch of your partner and vice versa. Delight yourself in the peculiarities and softness of her skin. Try using your tongue in places that have never seen it before (ears, belly button, etc.). Trust me, you and your partner will be burning with great desire…and if you need to control your erections better, this will also help. Win win. (1)

Stimulating the Clitoris too Harshly

Unlike women, our desire tends to come suddenly and explosively. However, if you stimulate your wife’s clitoris too fast and not with the delicacy it deserves, you won’t get into the following magical world.

Firstly, wait for the adequate moment to go down and in doubt, ask cheekily. Treat the magical button as you would treat the head of your penis, with caution and gentleness. Get ready to be acrobatic with your tongue and you can always use your fingers to play around (do wash them beforehand). Be creative and explore!

Talking about how you treat your penis, do you masturbate a lot? If so, read this!

Avoiding Eye Contact and Kissing

If you struggle with eye contact with your own wife, that’s problematic. Looking into your partner’s eyes is similar to holding her hand while walking around. Consequently, an evasive stare will make her think that you would rather be somewhere else or worse…be with someone else. If you are here, I’m pretty sure that you don’t but maybe she isn’t sure.

The same goes for kissing. Women enjoy passionate kissing during sex and trust me, if you do it right, you will too.

Asking Inappropriate Questions

When anxious, avoid focusing on what you are doing. Control is the friend of anxiety and the enemy of good times in bed. Try to focus on what you are feeling and see how your partner responds to what you are doing.

However, if you are unsure about something, ask her. For instance, you could say: “do you like it when I use my tongue like that”. Simple, don’t overdo it. In addition, avoid asking her how she feels emotionally, this might kill the mood.

If you are embarrassed by the size of your thick noodle, I highly recommend this article.

I Don’t Satisfy my Wife in Bed – Things that You Can Improve

The following list is a mix of common sense and creative thinking when it comes to sexy times:

  • Clean your room and flat or house. A messy place isn’t hot.
  • Find yourself a discreet and hygienic place to disregard condoms, if you use them.
  • Be delicate and considerate if you like to bite. Especially anything booby or vagina related.
  • If she’s going down on you, be gentle with her head and most importantly, don’t pull her hair. Real life ain’t porn my friend.
  • If your beard is a few days old and rough, get rid of it. If not, don’t play down there without consent, it could literally hurt.
  • Listen to your woman, you are partners, communication goes both ways.
  • Anal surprises are a bad idea if she’s not aware. Always ask, you know, just in case.
  • If your partner is having a bit of a red alert, don’t be grossed out. It’s natural after all. Actually, if you don’t like it, say so like a grown-up man. However, there’s always the shower/bath alternative…
  • Never, ever thank your wife/girlfriend after sex or ask her if your performance was good. Just don’t.
  • Enjoy post-coitus time in bed with or without talking, just be there. If she counts for you, stay.
  • Don’t take any pictures or video without consent. If she ever finds out, she might not forgive you.
  • And last but not least, try to reduce masturbation to improve your sexual performance… trust me, it works!

Get extra tips to be great in bed here (free of charge)!

(1) Actual and desired duration of foreplay and intercourse: discordance and misperceptions within heterosexual couples. Miller SA, Byers ES. J Sex Res. 2004.

4 Habits to Improve Sexual Performance

In order to maintain and improve sexual performance, you just need to know some key habits. Eventually, these habits will become a part of your daily routine and your sexual life will be greatly improved. Let’s take a look at 4 of the most important habits for healthy sexy times!

Whether you are looking to boost your endurance, impress your partner, cure your erectile dysfunction (ED) or develop your sexual potential, the following advice is for YOU!

4 Habits to Improve Sexual Performance

Physical Activity & Exercise

Sometimes, the obvious answer is the right answer. To improve sexual performance, what you may need is exercise, that’s it. Regular physical activity is essential for a healthy cardiovascular health and it’s the number one habit to boost your performance. This is the highway to last all night in bed or the Porsche of the habits when it comes to sexual health! OK, let’s not digress…

Ideally, body-weight exercises and/or lifting are ideal for explosive energy. Additionally, a regular cardiovascular training (swimming, running, HIIT, etc.) will make sure you can last over long periods of time. Also, you should know that weight lifting boosts testosterone levels – a crucial hormone for the health of your libido and performance.

If you are not in shape, don’t force yourself to go hard at it straight away. Instead, build your resistance gradually with just a little discomfort to push yourself. Start by exercising 5 or 6 days per week for at least 30 minutes, at your own pace. To develop a habit, the most important thing is to do it REGULARLY. I can’t stress that enough. Even, if you are tired, do it slowly but do it!

Specific Body-weight & lifting Exercises to Improve Sexual Performance:

  • Squat: Ideal to reinforce leg muscles, glutes and hips, squatting regularly (with or without weight) will greatly improve your movements and resistance during more “acrobatic” sexual positions.
  • Abs: By improving your abdominal muscles, you will also improve your resistance during positions…you never thought you could possibly do!
  • Kegel Exercises: These exercises were created to improve pelvic muscle strength (the ones you use to pee). By doing so, you will be able to delay your ejaculation and boost your orgasms.

Healthy Diet to Boost Performance

Diet plays a major role when it comes to our health. Intrinsically, diet will affect sexual performance. The saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be truer. A healthy diet isn’t just salad and a bit of olive oil. A healthy diet is a diet rich in minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and other vital nutrients. Also, it’s a balanced mix of macro-nutrients, aka. proteins, carbs and fats. To learn more about your specific macros, research it on any search engine.

Need a few tips to improve your diet? Have a look at the following:

  • Trust the Spice: If you aren’t much of a chef, spices and herbs can change that boring bland meal into a feast fit for Kings. So, learn how to use spices ASAP. Moreover, spices and herbs often have health benefits. Some are very good to boost your blood flow (and therefore, your erections) and improve your overall health (for example, turmeric should be a staple).
  • Don’t Neglect Seafood: Seafood and fish are rich in fatty acids. Fatty acids are key fats that maintain your cardiovascular health and prevent ED. However, not all fatty acids are created equal. In our modern diet, most of us are Omega-3 deficient. In order to boost our Omega-3 levels, eat plenty of little fatty fishes (sardines, mackerel, etc) and if necessary, complete with a supplement. (1)
  • Eat and Learn How to Cook Veggies: Raw vegetables are a must to improve sexual performance. However, if you need to cook some, prefer steaming them to limit the nutrient damage.
  • Eat “Aphrodisiac” Fruits: Some fruits like watermelon, papaya and mango can boost your libido and improve blood flow. Stock them up and freeze them, if necessary!

Avoiding Porn & Chronic Masturbation

Chronic masturbation (otherwise known as boredom wanking) and porn abuse can lead to erectile dysfunction and psychological troubles. To understand the risks of serial masturbation, check this article out.

For the lazy, here’s a small recap. Compulsive masturbation can eventually lead to a disconnection with normal sexual practices (with another human being). This can be the result of the unrealistic depiction of sex in porn and/or very commonly, performance anxiety. If you don’t experience either of those, reduce your wanking to avoid future complications.

When it comes to porn, if that’s your drug of choice when masturbating, forget about it if it’s turning into a compulsive practice. Get help should you need it. There’s no shame, professionals are here for that.

Reducing Stress and Alcohol

Stress is toxic. Period. It’s toxic for your health and that also includes, your sexual performance. Moreover, stress increases your heart rate and unlike exercise, not in a healthy way. Therefore, if you don’t manage your stress levels, this will lead to very high cortisol levels. Cortisol is an hormone that can be incredibly damaging if present at very high levels (higher risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease). (2)

In addition, psychological stress can also prevent good erections and orgasms. One of the best tools for stress management is exercise (I know) but sometimes, it’s not enough by itself. If you need something that’s way more complete for stress management, try meditation, playing an instrument, yoga, writing or any other activity that truly relaxes you. For instance, hiking is a brilliant way to chill while exercising. As you may know, nature can do miracles.

Let’s not forget the best for the last. Alcohol is the stuff of parties and fun, sure. However, too much booze is also the stuff of renal failure, impotence and overall, a pretty shitty health. If you think you don’t drink too much, you may want to check your weekly consumption again, you will be surprised. I know I was!

Also, tobacco isn’t your friend to improve sexual performance (it’s a disaster for a good blood flow). So, if you can’t or don’t want to kick the habit, try electronic cigarettes and budget a decent one with good e-liquid. You never know, you might like it…

If you enjoyed our tips to improve sexual performance, check out these natural products to enhance testosterone levels and your sexual life!

(1) Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Erectile Dysfunction in a Rat Model of Atherosclerosis-induced Chronic Pelvic Ischemia. Ji Sung Shim, Dae Hee Kim, Jae Hyun Bae, and Du Geon Moon. J Korean Med Sci. 2016.
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