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Increase female libido naturally with this guide on supplements and techniques to boost desire in women

Vitamins Which Help Increase Testosterone


An ongoing debate exists within the medical, science, and supplemental fields surrounding how to help men who suffer from lower levels of testosterone. Testosterone is an important hormone as it helps men build and maintain muscles, maintain the strength of bones, and is responsible for a man’s sex drive.

Lower levels of testosterone can also lead to erectile dysfunction in combination with a lower sex drive.

What Can Cause Testosterone Levels To Drop

While some in the medical field feel rebuilding testosterone levels can only be achieved through natural means such as:

  • Getting Enough Sleep (7 to 8 hours on a nightly basis)
  • Increasing Exercise (At least 10 to 20 minutes of brisk walking per day, obesity is linked to low testosterone levels)
  • Controlling Stress (Work fewer than 10 hours daily)
  • Reviewing Medications (Fentanyl, MS Contin, OxyContin, and Prednisone have been linked to lower testosterone levels)

Low testosterone can be caused through means which result in long term damage which the appropriate vitamins and supplementation can help mitigate. Some of these causes are:

  • Injuries to the testicles
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Infection
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • HIV/Aids

When facing these issues an added boost to the system can help maintain and even raise testosterone levels back to a level which reverses erectile dysfunction and increases sex drive.

These Supplements And Vitamins Help Raise Testosterone

A number of supplement companies market their products by making claims without investing into the proper testing of their ingredients and go as far to hire individuals to write fake reviews praising their product.

These products simply do not contain enough of a vitamin to make a difference or lie about the ingredient being present altogether. The following list of herbs and vitamins are linked to increasing testosterone:

Vitamin D

While not as powerful of a testosterone boost as Vitamin D, B-12 plays a role in a number of chemical reactions in the body and has been shown to have a slight effect on testosterone levels.

Vitamin B-12

While not as powerful of a testosterone boost as Vitamin D, B-12 plays a role in a number of chemical reactions in the body and has been shown to have a slight effect on testosterone levels.

Mucuna Puriens

The herb contains L-Dopa which helps reduce prolactin found in the body; when then body contains excessive amounts of prolactin it can result in reduced sexual desire. L-Dopa also promotes the production of healthy testosterone that helps fight erectile dysfunction. Mucuna Puriens can be found in numerous supplement products which help increase male sexual performance.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid (D-aspartate) is an amino acid which helps promote the release of luteinizing, a hormone which boosts testosterone production. D-aspartate can raise testosterone levels in as little as a week with consecutive dosage.

Will These Vitamins Actually Work?

Absolutely, numerous reputable supplement companies contain these vitamins and herbs. The key is to make sure to not purchase products from a shady company and continue to live a healthy lifestyle as well.


Dangers Of Using Pharmaceutical Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

For those men considering alternative natural treatments for erectile dysfunction, discovering the risks of pharmaceutical treatments to treat impotence can be a revelation.

There are a surprising number of men around the world who are experiencing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and it is often a problem that they are not willing to discuss.

However, for those who do discuss the condition with a doctor, there are a range of different treatments that can be prescribed.

You will probably have heard of Viagra, but there are newer medications (Cialis and Levitra) that work in a very similar way.

While these may be effective in helping to address your symptoms of erectile dysfunction, there are a wide range of side effects that you should also bear in mind.

Side Effects Of Pills To Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Sildenafil citrate is the chemical name for Viagra, and it is associated with a number of side effects, which may discourage you from taking the drug.  The most common of these is a headache, as a result of the blood flow being altered, reducing the volume that is able to flow through the brain.

Blurred vision is also frequently associated with this particular medication, again as a result of altered blood flow.  Some patients also report that their vision has a blue tinge, which is known as cyanopsia, and that their peripheral vision is affected.  A 2005 investigation by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) found that in rare instances, the use of Viagra could lead to permanent impairment of eyesight.

Priapism And Impairment of Eyesight

Users of the drug have also reported a range of additional side effects, including priapism, which is a sustained, painful erection that can last for several hours.  If this occurs, you should seek medical attention immediately.  Extreme hypotension (low blood pressure), hearing loss and raised pressure in the eyes are seen in a very small number of patients.

The drug is also associated with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.  This has led to warnings being placed on the packaging of the drug.

The second erectile dysfunction tablet that can be taken orally is Levitra, or vardenafil.  It produces side effects that are very similar to those of Viagra, particularly abnormal vision.  Priapism is also possible, and the drug frequently leads to nausea, which is the most common adverse effect of this drug.

Itchiness and a skin rash may develop in some patients after taking vardenafil.  It should not be taken by anyone who has an abnormal blood pressure.

Cialis, or tadalafil, is the most recent of the erectile dysfunction drugs.  It was approved in 2003, and is effective for a period of up to 36 hours after taking the tablet.

Due to the alterations in blood flow that are common to all of these treatments, headaches are expected to occur.  Back pain and aching muscles are specific to the use of Cialis, and will usually develop between 12 and 24 hours after use.

A study carried out by the FDA in 2005 found that Cialis was associated with visual impairments.  A link has not been proven, as all of the affected men had other risk factors, but it was sufficient for warning labels to be placed on the packaging.

How To Treat Impotence Without Using Pharmaceutical Treatments

Using a 10 step natural method most men can experience notable improvements in erectile function, libido and energy.



Pain And Dryness During Sex In Young Women

The below is a message from a 25 year old girl who has had low libido, dryness and pain during sex and who is looking for a solution.


Dear Jon

This website has been extremely helpful. However I have a couple of questions for my particular case.

I am a 25 year old female and have suffered from low libido, I managed to improve it but it has never been the same as it used to.

I had a long term relationship end and did not have sex until three years later when I entered another long term relationship.

I immediately developed several painful urinary tract infections and would get them almost every time I had sex no matter what precautions I used.

I was treated with strong antibiotics every time and had to take antibiotics after sex. I also developed a pelvic infection due to the constant urinary infections. This second infection went undiagnosed for quite some time, needless to say sex was extremely painful because of it. At the same time all this was happening I was also trying out hormonal birth control that absolutely wiped out my libido.

After several rounds of heavy duty antibiotics and rest from sex after my boyfriend went abroad for 5 months the problem finally improved, I also stopped using any kind of hormonal birth control as it made me feel violently ill.

All these issues put a lot of strain on the relationship and at the beginning of it all my bf was very understanding, as it got more complicated he would just get frustrated and we would fight. After all this I was terrified of sex and hated it, it felt like torture.  All my health issues were mostly resolved after about a year and a half.

Since then our sex life has drastically improved, although I feel even though I enjoy sex I am not back to where I was in the beginning. My libido is good but it used to be great. A couple of issues I have now are the following:

  • slight pain on the first entry when sex begins
  • slight pain if he thrusts too deep
  • dryness and chaffing after about 45 minutes of sex

My boyfriend can last for 2 and a half hours which is very unrealistic for me, after 45 minutes I am done even if I haven’t had an orgasm ( which I only get from oral sex) because it starts to become painful and even if I use lubricants, when I apply them at this point they all seem to sting quite a bit.

I don’t know if he lasts so much because it is normal in him or for some other reason. He has been like this from the beginning. He says he enjoys it very much and is happy with our sex life but he knows I don’t enjoy it as much as him and really makes an effort to do everything in his power to make it as pleasurable for me as possible. I also focus quite a bit on oral sex on him so the intercourse will not last so much.

If you are wondering about his size, I think he is normal maybe a tad bigger. I am quite petite but never had any pain with other partners that were average size as well.

I forgot to mention that I have taken antidepressants for depression caused by acne medication. I stopped taking the anti depressants about 4 months into my new relationship because the doctors said I was better and did not need them anymore.

Sorry for the long explanation, I just want to give you all the facts to get the most on point advice. Since my case is quite particular I preferred to ask you directly instead of posting a question publicly.

I just want help on getting back to having a great libido, at the moment I still don’t feel like I did at the beginning of this ordeal. It has been about two years since it all started and about one year since I have been better from most of these issues.



Glad you found the site helpful.

First of all, well done for getting off the meds. Are you taking any pills at all right now? These can play havoc with anyone’s libido, male or female.

Secondly, do you consume a lot of caffeine, alcohol, spicy, dairy or sugary foods?

Do you take any vitamins or herbs? Drink lots of water?

Regarding vitamins and supplements: Taking Maca and horny goat weed (not every day, just sometimes) can be a great natural aphrodisiac.

Often, detoxing can help a lot too. For some people it is all they need. Staying dairy free, meat free, processed food free and eating many green vegetables and drinking lots of water can have powerful effects. You only need to do this for a couple of weeks.

If ever this issue were caused by acne meds, I have some info I can send you, so do let me know.


Thank you for replying so quickly. I am off all meds right now. However when I have sex I always need to take a low dose of antibiotic afterwards to prevent urinary tract infections.

So far I have tried everything and antibiotics are the only thing that keep me in check. I haven’t had any antibiotics in a while because I am studying abroad and not having sex. Other than that I only take vitamin c and plenty of probiotics.

I do consume a lot of sugar and chocolate on a daily basis, I also love cheese and red meat. This makes me sound as if I am obese but actually I am slim (5ft, 98 pounds) i happen to have a very fast metabolism.

I do not eat junk food or fried food ( doritos, mcdonalds, kentucky) I also eat vegetables and fruits, fiber and grains as well as lean meats and drink plenty of water. I exercise on and off, I maintain my weight without exercising anyway.

My bad habits are as I mentioned before chocolate and cheese. I don’t drink alcohol often either, I am a social drinker. I do not eat spicy food regularly but I do have heavily seasoned food all the time.

I have been on accutane on and off since I was a teenager and every time I was on it my energy level would drop. The doctors who treated me for depression have blamed it on this medication. This also caused me to get an inflamed liver a couple of years ago, I was closely monitored after that and all my test results are great.

I recently had blood work done before going abroad and it all came back ok. It would not surprise me however if this medication has caused further harm. I would appreciate any further literature on this issue. I will take all of your advice to heart and thank you again for creating this website its fantastic.


Hi ,

First of all it’s a big concern that you take antibiotics right after sex, every time. This is very risky as it not only kills bad bacteria, but kills good bacteria too and can cause an imbalance which can lead to yeast infections, itchiness (dryness), bloated stomach, indigestion and worst of all, tolerance to these meds.

Read more about it:

As for Accutane, some people have known negative side effects and lawsuits have apparently been filed.

Regardless of the effects of these treatments, I would suggest you get to the root of the issues rather than trying to constantly treat the symptoms short term.

Detoxing is a great way to reset a lot of problems such as the ones you describe.

Herbs to detox:

  • Milk thistle extract
  • Artichoke extract
  • Dandelion

Your diet is not ideal for detoxing either.

The white sugar many of us eat is refined, chemically treated and of no nutritional value. I could go on about it, but it’s really not good to eat so much and could be slowing the liver down from processing other toxins out.

Try first of all to eat less, then less again, then just once per week, then once every 2 weeks. Or just have a cheat day once a week and eat perfectly well on the other days.

Red meat and cheese are tasty too but unfortunately, not good for recovering from many health problems.

Try reducing your consumption of those as well as following my tips in this email and the previous one,

In general my message is:

  1. Eat better by drinking lots of water, consuming more vegetables and fruit, less meat and dairy and almost no sugar
  2. Avoid meds as much as possible if you can
  3. Exercise regularly to help process out toxins faster
  4. Take herbs as aphrodisiacs and for detoxing (if you are abroad, just look up translations if required)
  5. Consider yoga

Hopefully this can help you.


How To Reverse Menopause – Relief For Both Men And Women

Many people, both men and women are keen to reverse menopause symptoms and get relief from the pains that a decline in sexual hormones can bring.

It’s quite normal to want to maintain a high libido, sexual desire and sexual activity during and after menopause.

The female menopause

What happens during the female menopause is that the production of the female sexual hormone, estrogen, almost completely closes down.

Often, this can result in vaginal dryness, lack of sexual desire, gains in weight and the symptom we are all familiar with, hot flashes.

The male menopause

For men, the male menopause symptoms are less evident as the decline of the main male sexual hormone, testosterone, is more gradual than with women.

Some men however, do complain of low testosterone levels, depression, sluggishness, extra weight around the gut and neck and a lack of motivation.

We’ll talk about the solutions for both types of menopause.

Natural Methods To Reverse Menopause

How can a women actually reverse the menopause, lose weight, feel younger, improve vitality and above all, keep her libido perky and strong?

The following tips can help you, even post-menopause.

1. Taking herbal supplements

The best female supplements are combinations of different herbs that work to boost estrogen levels, increase energy levels and improve female sexual function.

Herbs such as Agnus Castus can work effectively in reducing hormonal symptoms and menopausal pains.

Black Cohosh is also reputedly excellent for most menopausal women.

Other supplements are brands such as Steel Libido, Libido Edge and Woman Alive (links to herbal supplements are at the bottom of the page).

2. Acupressure for women

Acupressure is used by some women to get relief from the symptoms of menopause.

While acupressure does not actually reverse menopause, it can be excellent for providing relief if a good practitioner is chosen.

Permanent techniques to reverse menopause

Many women are using programs written by health experts to reverse menopause, perimenopause or andropause effects.

Hersolution is currently successfully helping many menopausal women feel better.

The idea is to treat the very root of the problem by targeting the adrenal glands and toxic system.

There are some elements of detox involved which can be beneficial to all aspects of health in the world we live in today.

Using HRT and medication can have side effects and little in the way of a long term solution.

Just like men who detox their liver to improve erections, female detox methods help to improve desire and conquer menopause symptoms.

Addressing areas of your life such as diet, supplements, exercise and detoxing helps you to beat the menopause blues and enjoy sex once again.

Who would have thought it would be that easy!

Male Menopause Treatment

The same techniques when applied to men are just as beneficial in improving sexual health, erections, sexual endurance and desire.

Using only natural herbs, men can get rid of male menopause symptoms by increasing testosterone levels, detoxing their liver and nervous systems and reducing unnecessary body fat.  The links below reveal more.

Mismatched Libido – Boosting Sex Drive In Couples In Relationships

A mismatched libido in a relationship can cause some tension if it goes unresolved for a period of time.

Having a healthy libido should be a priority for both men and women, and especially for those that are involved in long term relationships.

Good, regular lovemaking creates strong and deep emotional ties in a couple.

Very often, disputes, personality differences and tension can be quickly resolved by good, tension relieving sex.

The aim is to be able to keep on maintaining an excellent sex life in order to overcome the daily challenges that living in a relationship bring about.

There are some great ways to improve lovemaking. Learning some simple tips can improve your love life to a great extent and help your relationship flourish again.

The best book I’ve found on this subject so far is 500 Lovemaking Tips And Secrets.

The causes of female low libido

For females, low libido can be a side effect of medication such as birth control pills, anti-depressants or other drugs such as epilepsy medication.

Menopausal women experience hormonal changes that can cause a decreased libido and reduced enjoyment of sex.

Stress, tiredness and unresolved problems can also reduce female libido and sexual pleasure.

Instead of having to deal with constant libido issues that can plague a relationship, there are entirely natural solutions and tips that can help you enjoy sex and take more pleasure than before.

Follow the below link for explanations on how to improve female sex drive. 

Boosting female libido naturally

The causes of male low libido

Male sex drive can be negatively impacted by a number of factors. Rarely is there a man who refuses to find a solution for a mismatched libido. Men tend not to be happy if their wife or lover has a higher sex drive than they do.

How do men end up with sexual problems?

Poor physical form, eating the wrong foods, medication, recreational drugs and sexual anxiety can all cause a man’s sex drive to plummet.

Weak erections result in embarrassment, loss of confidence, low motivation and sexual anxiety can follow.

Again, there are perfectly natural solutions which can boost a man’s sex drive back to normal levels once again.

This means that the man doesn’t have to depend on taking chemical drugs each time in order to achieve erections.

Follow my tips on improving male sex drive to find out how to apply this techniques and increase sex drive. 

A mismatched libido and long term relationships

Menopause and libido – The effects on the sex drive.

How are the menopause and libido linked?

If you’re a lady in your late forties or fifties, you may be experiencing the menopause and a have noticed a lower sex drive.

What Is Menopause?

The menopause is the end of fertility in a woman. It’s when a female’s ovaries cease their production of the hormone estrogen and cause a shedding of the uterine lining.

Ovulation will then completely stop.

The menopause is a perfectly natural phase for a middle aged woman to go through and you shouldn’t be alarmed about it.

Women can be considered to be technically in the menopause condition following an period of absence of menstruation that lasts for at least one year.

Women nearly all report a decline in sexual activity at this time of their lives.

Menopause and Libido

Given that this signals the end of the fertile phase in a woman’s life, it’s hardly surprising that the menopause decreases libido.

Other symptoms involve vaginal dryness, reduction of vaginal tissue and mood changes; all brought about by the reduction in estrogen production.

First of all, understand that it’s normal to suffer from a reduced sexual desire and inability to make love as frequently as you used to.

Secondly, there are ways to stimulate your libido during menopause and keep a reasonably active love life.

This is good news for those experiencing a libido mismatch in their relationship.

Find out how you can treat menopause symptoms and have better sex.

Female libido testosterone 

Treating vaginal dryness

Testosterone and Female Sex Drive

Testosterone, believe it or not, is just as important for the female sex drive as it is for the male.

One of the effects of the menopause is that testosterone levels in women’s bodies are reduced. Its absence is another of the main causes behind decreased libido in menopausal.

The good news is that there are solutions which help to increase your desire naturally.

Low Sex Drive – How To Boost Desire In Young Women

Young women with low sex drive can often have complications when it comes to boosting libido naturally.

What are the causes? Why do you have a low sex drive when you’re young?

Rather than let you suffer in silence, let’s see what the causes and natural solutions for improving libido and maintaining a healthy sexual desire.

Causes of low sex drive in young women

To find the ultimate natural solution for boosting a young lady’s libido, you need to first think about what the causes might be.

Very often, the absence of sexual desire is down to one or a combination of factors such as stress, tiredness, poor self image, medication (birth control pills), unresolved problems, past traumas or upbringing.

Each cause for low sex drive in young women has a different solution and sometimes it can be best to combine various techniques in order to be sure of having your sex drive return with healthy gusto.

1. Stress and tiredness

Lack of sleep, difficult situations with work, studies or tension with people and family can cause stress that sometimes goes undetected in young ladies.

Releasing this tension is very important and doing so can help to return sexual desire to healthy levels.

Exercising regularly is beneficial for general health levels and an ideal tension relieving activity.

Making exercise routines fairly intense and lasting for around 45 minutes is far more beneficial than long, easy workouts.

Not only will following this kind of exercise program help you to burn fat from your body and feel more attractive, boosting sexual confidence, it’ll improve your circulation and boost endorphins too. Your libido will improve as a result.

Many women relax by doing Yoga routines from home which is easy, fast and keeps you in shape. The breathing during yoga is great for relaxing deeply and sleeping soundly.

Others find that using a natural supplement such as HerSolution help their libido to wake up after a tiring few weeks at work or at home.

Many marriages and relationships have been saved using natural supplements that improve female libido.

Combining hormone-boosting herbs with aphrodisiacs and even mood-enhancing melatonin helps women to enjoy sex and to find it pleasurable again.


2. Medication

Many many women, both young and old, find that their birth control pill has reduced their sexual desire and weakened their libido.

For some, it’s after using birth control for years that a low sex drive (even in young women) can unexpectedly occur. Others have difficulties returning to sexual health even after stopping or changing their pill.

If you take the pill and find that you have a low sex drive and less interest in sex than previously, then try to either change your pill or stop taking it.

You could have been taking the same pill for years only for the manufacturer to change the composition without you knowing about it. Your body may react negatively to this.

Birth control medication can leave females with low testosterone.

Believe it or not, testosterone is needed in females too in order to have a balanced sex drive.

You may need to boost your libido with herbs after stopping or changing the pill.

This is where Maca Root can help.

As well as boosting sexual energy, Maca can reduce stress and improve mental functions too. It’s an ideal natural plant for improving general health and especially libido.

3. Upbringing

Upbringing can be a sensitive topic as many parents intend to give the very best for their children and have good intentions.

Strict and religious upbringings can have benefits and yet can result in problems too for some people later on in life.

Sometimes, as a young lady, a girl may feel guilty about having sexual thoughts and desires. Such desires can be suppressed and may cause mental blockages resulting in low sex drive when it comes to lovemaking.

Understanding that sexual desires are perfectly natural and biological is the first step.

Secondly, feeling in touch with your sexual desire is essential. Masturbation can help your libido a great deal.

If you don’t masturbate regularly or at all, then doing so will help to connect your sexual nerve pathways.

It’s perfectly normal to masturbate and nearly every female does so. It can be very good for the sexual imagination and for enjoying lovemaking.

You may like to try to speed up your results using perfectly safe self hypnosis to enjoy sex more.

4. Poor self image

Many perfectly good looking ladies with fine, lithe bodies that make other girls envious have image problems in the bedroom.

This is absolutely nothing to be concerned about. It happens to many females at one time or another.

There are two ways to approach this.

The first one is to get regular, good exercise. If you make it your priority to get into shape, then there can be no excuse for having a poor self image.

Lose your fat with intense workouts and see how your body improves every week that goes by. Your partner will comment on your new, fit body and will want you more for it.

Your confidence will come back rapidly as a result. If you care about sex, then get into shape. It’s really quite straightforward to do so.

The other technique of improving self image is mental.

You need to adopt a positive mindset about yourself. Relax on your own where you cannot be disturbed for 20 minutes every day (before sleeping is fine) and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself feeling as though you would feel with a perfect body, enjoying great sex very often. Activate the emotions that you would from having several orgasms from sex and at the same time, feel confident and happy about your body.

Do this regularly, including while your masturbate and your self confidence and image should improve.

If you need to get your confidence and self image faster then try these great workouts for women which will have you feeling sexy and confident once again.

Unresolved problems

It’s not always easy to know if you have unresolved problems between you or your partner. You may not even realize it yourself.

But at least learning that this could be the cause of sexual problems can help you to look into yourself and find out if this is the real reason.

Unresolved issues in couples can lurk in the shadows, causing physical problems such as low sex drive before coming to the surface.

Perhaps you’ve been on the receiving end of unnecessary comments, lack of affection selfish behavior or even infidelity.

Many minor occurrences of negative events can be worse than one major negative event. People are less likely to deal with minor events as they happen. They then get stored away in the back of the mind and build up over time. They have to eventually manifest themselves in a negative way.

If there is something bugging you, even just a little bit, then you have to talk about it. Starting off by talking to a friend is very helpful.

Dealing with the build up of negative emotions by opening out can be like blowing away mold from the corner of a room. It’s no longer there to poison the air and everything is clean and fresh again.

Female libido and testosterone 

More on female low sex drive

Low Female Libido – The Causes And Remedies

Low female libido can cause all sorts of unhappiness and complications, not only for the individual but also for her partner.

It’s disheartening for a lady to suddenly have her sex drive appear to go flat or lifeless, especially when she’s always had a healthy, strong appetite for sex.

If this is creating a libido mismatch in the couple’s relationship then there may be some tension. If there isn’t any yet then you can bet there will be.

To avoid it from happening or to find a solution fast, you first need to look at the what could be the causes of the issue.

Poor Self-Image Can Cause Low Sex Drive

Certain ladies may be suffering from a poor self image or belief that they’re not attractive or that they’re overweight.

As the female libido is so strongly linked to the mind (more so than the man’s) then having a negative self image in any way can dampen the sex drive significantly.

It’s important to feel at ease with your body and relaxed in the presence of your partner. You should be able to make love with the lights on, even if you’re not completely happy with your body.

After all, no one is perfect. How boring would life be if we were perfect? Sometimes, our imperfections are what makes us attractive.

Men Like Imperfections

As a man, I can tell you that the typical catwalk model is simply not even slightly attractive. It’s a myth to think that men only prefer skinny ladies. Many men like women to have some shape and curve.

This doesn’t mean you have to let yourself go though. If you are suffering from a poor self image, then either learn to see yourself as beautiful (confidence is attractive) or get yourself in shape.

Anything else is irrational. Finding a solution is a priority here and if it means changing your diet, doing more exercise or visualising yourself as an attractive person, then you should be doing it.

Otherwise, you can choose to exercise regularly, 3 or 4 times per week and hard, to get results!

Poor Diet Can Ruin Self-Image And Sex Drive

Eating too much junk food, drinking too much alcohol too often, and neglecting to eat enough fruit and vegetables can wreak havoc on your sex drive.

The liver gets congested with toxins after so many years, even if you are reasonably healthy.

You don’t have to be obese for your body to be out of balance. An unhealthy diet and too much toxic drinking and smoking will reduce your desire to the point where you rarely feel like sex anymore.

So make sure you set yourself some rules: eat more salad, raw vegetables, nuts and fruit.

Cut down on alcohol, smoking, fatty foods (like french fries and chips) and eliminate junk food completely.

Flush your liver by having regular citrus teas and natural herbs.

As soon as you do this your body will start to feel cleaner. One month later and you’ll be bouncing off the walls. 

Find the best libido increasing food

Medication Can Cause Low Female Libido

If you find that your sex drive has suddenly taken a hit, then research the medicine that you’ve been taking.

All too often, medicine has undesirable side effects which may or may not be listed on the notice.

This has been known to happen with birth control pills, anti-depressants, blood pressure medication, epilepsy drugs and other treatments taken on a regular basis.

Just because you’ve taken them for years, it doesn’t mean that the side effects can’t manifest themselves now.

The less medication you take, the better. If you can completely avoid all drugs, you’ll have an easier time increasing your sex drive. 

Great female libido boosters

Menopause Lowers Estrogen Levels

It’s well known that the menopause and a reduced sex drive go hand in hand.

However, the effects of the menopause on sex are perhaps exaggerated. Often, a lady who is over 50 years old can also have self image issues and lack confidence.

Whilst menopause is part of the cause, it may not be as influential as you think.

There are remedies to counter the effects of the menopause on women, but make sure that self image, medication or relationship problems are not the real concern.

Relationship Issues

People occasionally shut problems down into a corner of their mind.

A lady may have a feeling, or pick up a small sign that her partner isn’t paying her enough attention.

Maybe she feels that she’s been cheated on at some point. She might not be actually conscious of this, but her gut feeling is directing the show and telling the body what to do.

We’re not always conscious of what our gut feeling (or subconscious mind) is telling us. When the mind is constantly racing with thoughts, it’s not easy to tune into your deeper, more intuitive self.

Infidelity may not always be the issue and there are many other factors that could be influencing the body, such as a lack of intimacy.

One of them could be effectively blocking out desire for sex. The best thing that can be done is to search and find any unresolved issues and to lay them on the table. 

How you can deal with relationship issues

Feeling Stressed

Too much work, kids and not enough time in the day is one of the number one sex drive killers today.

For both men and women, stress is a real dampener on both male and female sex drive.

It’s essential to plan carefully, to manage stress effectively (think yoga, breathing, exercise) and to have time alone with your partner. Make this a priority.

Sex is important for the relationship and it should be put before anything else. So relax, make time for it and let it happen. 

How to relax with the best night’s sleep ever

Lack Of Sleep

Feeling tired can really reduce sex drive in both men and women.

A lack of sleep, usually during periods when work, kids and no rest takes its toll can have negative effects.

Intimacy is important, but so is getting enough sleep. In fact, it’s pretty hard to have one without the other!

So plan your day and don’t waste time watching TV until midnight when you could be in bed, getting intimate before getting a good night’s sleep.

Do you suffer from low libido, dryness or lack of desire? Follow my advice on how to get your sex drive back and start enjoying sex again. 

Specialist female libido increasing herbs

Increasing Female Libido Naturally. Increasing Desire.

Increasing female libido and desire can be confusing at first.

After all, a low sex can occur in both young and old women. A 50 year old lady can have a better sex drive than a 25 year old girl and vice versa for example.

There appear to be no rules and little logic that helps you understand libido enhancement for ladies.

Understanding the causes of female low libido and desire

The key to increasing female libido and desire depends on what causes you to have a low sex drive in the first place.

The causes can broadly be divided into physical and psychological although suffering from both at the same time is possible.

The physical causes of your low sex drive maybe related to your diet, your medication, weight, lack of sleep and menopause.

Reach optimal physical condition

Unless you’re sure that your problem is mental then getting into shape physically to improve your libido should be your immediate priority.

In fact, even if you do think your sex drive is faltering for psychological reasons, you should make sure you’re in optimal physical shape in order to enjoy sex as much as possible.

After all, having great sex is important.

Another advantage besides having better sex is that your partner will appreciate your body more and get turned on by it.

You’ll feel more confident, relaxed and you’ll have a new vitality that will cause you to positively glow.

This feeling, together with an improved sex life will see you feeling satisfied in many areas of your life.

Increasing female libido can bring endless benefits to you.

While sometimes taking a simple natural supplement such as HerSolutionworks very well, women can have a variety of reasons for low libido. Sometimes, lack of communication or stress can play a major role. 

These herbs can improve female libido quickly 

Experiencing the menopause dip? See how to increase your libido

Libido increasing food

Eating too much of the wrong food, even if you’re in apparent good physical condition and not overweight, can dampen your libido and block natural flows of energy in your body.

Even if you’re slim, too much junk food, fat, alcohol and salt can overwork vital organs such as the liver and cause hormonal imbalances, playing havoc with your sex drive.

You’ll need to form some new, life-improving permanent habits to achieve that optimal libido enhancing body that you want so much.

This may be hard at first but the great thing is that you’ll enjoy sex a whole lot more. 

Libido increasing food which boosts your sex drive

Medication that affects your sex drive

If you’re suffering from a low sex drive, then check the medication you’ve been taking.

Even if you’ve been taking the same birth control pill for years, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start suffering from its side effects now.

You or I don’t know much enough how birth control pills are manufactured in order to determine whether they could affect your libido adversely.

What I do know is that very often, women who change their birth control pills can suddenly experience either a reduced sex drive, or an increased one.

If you must take the pill, then at least discuss the possibility of taking a different brand with your doctor.

Otherwise, just stop taking it. You don’t have to pop pills every day to enjoy sex.

In fact, birth control pills can reduce your levels of testosterone which in turn, reduces your libido levels.

Even after changing birth control pills, you may find you have difficulties increasing your desire.

This is where testosterone products for increasing female libido become very useful. 

Testosterone for increasing female libido 


Antidepressants and increasing female libido are not generally spoken about in the same breath!

This is because for many women, antidepressant drugs are reported to have brought about a loss of interest in sex, or a lower sex drive.

Taking this medication may help depressed women bear with their heavy load in an easier way, but is it really worth it at the expense of having a low libido?

If you suspect that this is the cause, then speak to your doctor and do everything to get off these drugs. 

Libido boosters for ladies

Your weight

Being overweight is no fun and places an extra strain on your body.

You may have been overweight for years and enjoying sex, but that doesn’t mean it can’t take its toll on your body one day.

Strain on your heart, liver, kidneys and basic bodily functions eventually can have a knock-on effect on your sex drive.

For many women, being obese affects their self image and causes a lack of sexual confidence.

If you want to enjoy sex again, you need to adopt a low fat, high protein, fruit and vegetable diet, with plenty of exercise.

A body that functions well is essential for increasing female libido.

How do you get looking great in just a few short weeks?

Some women use the Truth About Abs program to improve their body.

Programs like this one can help improve confidence and improve image.

Lack of sleep

Having young children that wake you up early, being a bit stressed over work, or simply going partying too late and too often can eventually weaken your desire.

Make getting good sleep a priority and make it natural sleep. Go to bed one hour earlier and cut out any TV. Television will waste your time and your health.

Going to bed with no TV and a full hour earlier than usual can relax you, give you time to make love and let you catch up on missed sleep.

Having said that, if stress is what’s causing you to have disturbed nights, then you need to address another problem.

How To Improve Libido, Male Or Female

When you feel you need to improve libido, rather than running to the doctor, why not just find some natural techniques to help to increase sex drive instead?

That’s what I always say to friends who are moaning about low libido, male or female.

Everyone, both men and women, experiences low libido and a lack of desire at some point, and there is no need to panic.

When I had severely low sex drive for a few months I educated myself on every technique I could find to help to improve libido, and successfully solved my problem on my own.

If I can do it, then you can!

Increasing libido naturally is really quite straightforward once you wake up and learn why you may have low libido in the first place.

Below are the best tips and techniques for men and women to boost libido naturally.

Improving Male Libido

Men who have a weak, flagging sex drive often have difficulties with erections, cannot make love for very long and eventually start to lack in confidence and self-esteem.

When the male libido is strong it seems as though everything goes your way.

You feel dominant, confident, energetic and motivated. You experience gratifying sexual pleasure on a regular basis, your relationship(s) and improved and even your professional life too.

Using the following methods you can easily improve male libido and enhance your pleasure at the same time.

1. Libido Supplements

Often, when we feel tired, lethargic and perhaps lacking interest in sex, supplements are the most effective way out.

Many environmental factors can contribute to low libido problems. Weak erections can result from low testosterone levels. Chemicals in processed food can congest your liver and low testosterone.

Poor quality nutritional habits can cause weight gain and unnecessary strains on your vital organs.

With all of this going on, you shouldn’t really be surprised that your libido can suffer.

What can a natural supplement do for you?

1. Increase your testosterone naturally: harder erections

2. Enhance desire and pleasure: increase frequency of sexual thoughts and more intense, pleasurable orgasms

How can you do this easily and naturally, using safe methods?

Supplements are the obvious answer for men who want to have a powerful libido and good strong erections.

The most effective herbs are those that combine testosterone-boosting plants, herbal aphrodisiacs and herbs that increase blood flow to the penis.

All of the above help to increase desire, give stronger and longer-lasting erections and of course increase the circulation in the penile area.

Read this full guide on powerful male supplements

2. Exercise To Improve Libido

If you’re serious about increasing your sex drive, you’ll need to get into shape.

Testosterone increases are possible for men who engage in intense exercise on a regular basis.

The best thing about your workouts is that they need to be short and very sharp. This means that they don’t have to take up much of your time.

For more tips on exercise download my free ebook to boosting male libido naturally.

3. Food For Increased Sex Drive

You’ve heard that food is an aphrodisiac and it couldn’t be truer.

But there are much more truth in that than most people may realise. You are what you eat as many people proudly claim and no truer word was spoken.

Adopting healthy eating habits helps to permanently improve libido; rather than giving you hard erections for one night only you’ll be able to get them every night instead.

Increase your intake of cruciferous vegetables and lower your carbs intake.

For more examples of the best foods for male sex drive, try my article on libido increasing food which boosts your sex drive.

Improve Female Libido

Female libido is reputed to be more complex than male sex drive, due to the intricate layers of emotions that many women claim to have.

Some women however, do get fantastic results by following a few straightforward natural techniques that help them to enjoy sex again.

1. Supplements For Female Libido

Just like men, girls also need to give their libido a kick from time to time.

Menopause, medication (birth control pills), child birth or simple tiredness and stress can bring about a lack of desire and low interest in intercourse with many females.

So how do you find the most effective herbal products to help your sex drive take off?

Combining natural hormonal boosters along with aphrodisiacs in a single, libido-boosting package is currently helps benefits hundreds of thousands of women enjoy healthy, satisfying love-making sessions around the world.

What is this supplement?

It’s a guaranteed, doctor-approved herbal solution to help you get your libido back on track again.

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2. Reducing Stress To Improve Libido

Stress is a major disruption to sexual relations.

Stress can lower libido to the extent that it feels as though it’s not there anymore.

While supplements can certainly help to reduce your stress and put you at ease, they cannot always solve what is happening in your mind.

Your mind is what drives your body, and your biggest sexual organ is really your brain.

Fortunately, easy self-hypnosis is helping many women enjoy sex again worldwide and is available to listen to at home, from the comfort of your bedroom.

When listening to hypnosis mp3 files, I simply shut the door, turn my telephone off and close my eyes.

It’s all perfectly safe and is guaranteed.

Find out more about using safe hypnotherapy to improve libido