How Can Your Penis Shrink And What To Do About It

I’m often contacted by men asking me how can your penis shrink. Personally, I can’t say that my penis has actually shrunk significantly yet, but I did notice that the length of my penis was slightly less than it used to be.

Although this was no cause for alarm, it did make me wake up and I immediately started searching for answers.

You see, when you notice that your penis is shrinking, even if it is only a tiny amount, it can be worrying.

What if your penis continues shrinking? How small will it become?

What can I do to restore it to its original proud size and stature?

To understand the question “Can your penis shrink?” you should first be aware of the causes of shrinkage. Once you are fully aware of what causes your penis to become smaller, you can successfully prevent it from happening again.

How Can Your Penis Shrink – Causes And Solutions

Weaker erections as you age

The problem is that often, a man’s penis is not always actually becoming smaller or shrinking, it’s that his erections are becoming less hard.

Of course, this leads to the you thinking that your penis has actually got smaller when it hasn’t.

You actually need a libido boost to get your testosterone levels back on track.

After the age of 30, a man’s testosterone levels slowly decrease as the years go by. Low testosterone can lead to softer erections.

Getting good, solid hard erections is the priority here. The more erections you have, the better for restoring your original length and girth. Regulard harder erections improve blood circulation in the penile area and expand the blood capillaries.

A natural supplement that encourages your body to produce higher levels of T on its own is the best way forward.

I researched a number of sex drive supplements and finally put together a guide to using them.

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Remember how to use the most powerful natural pills:

1. The combination of natural ingredients is great for getting hard erections when you need them

2. They can get your body producing decent levels of natural hormones for testosterone product that can reverse penile shrinkage

Testosterone Treatment

Certain men who visit the doctor for low testosterone problems end up receiving testosterone treatment.

This means that the doctor may well provide you with expensive injections that do succeed in boosting testosterone temporarily.

The problem with this treatment is that your body can come to depend on the testosterone treatment.

Obviously, you don’t want to be paying regular visits to the doctor and depending on injections for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, what the doctor may not tell you is that your sexual functions may actually stop producing testosterone in order to rely on the injections. This can lead to your sexual organs shrinking as the production shuts down.

Natural supplements such as help to encourage your body to produce its own hormones naturally once more.


If you use or have ever used anabolic steroids, you may also have experienced your penis shrinking.

Many bodybuilding men asking the very question “how can your penis shrink” during the 1980s and 1990s had used anabolic steroids. You should stick with regular natural testosterone boosters instead of steroids if this is your case. 

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