How to Boost your Dopamine with 7 Efficient Tips

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter who’s job is to communicate with the nervous system. In this way, it influences our behavior, more specifically our mood. In fact, dopamine is essential to feel good. When you eat something pleasant or have sex, your levels of dopamine increase. However, maybe sometimes, you would like to boost your dopamine to keep the blues at bay?

If you have been feeling overly stressed, tired or depressed, try the following tips to boost your dopamine ASAP!

How to Boost your Dopamine with 7 Efficient Tips

The following tips aren’t innovative or new. However, they do work. These tips will boost your dopamine, without side effects. Moreover, you can easily integrate them in your current routine. Thus, you will be able to improve your present and your future!

To avoid failing, try incorporating one or two tips and then, you can progressively add more. As a result, you will have more chances to stick with it and most importantly, observe the positive results on the long run.

Tip n°1: Improve your Diet

To ensure the proper function of your body, it’s important to take care of your diet. For instance, an unhealthy diet will have an immediate impact on your cognitive abilities and that includes, the production of neurotransmitters.

Additionally, a healthy diet will boost your mood thanks to a myriad of other factors. For example, a high intake of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids (healthy fats), protein, a little bit of carbs and dietary fiber.

If you need to lose weight, weight loss can also boost your dopamine levels.

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In addition, specific foods can boost dopamine. Some foods contain components called tyrosine and phenylalanine. Both are precursors of dopamine and they will eventually turn into the neurotransmitter. (1)

Therefore, include the following foods in your improved diet and eat them regularly:
  • Nuts & Seeds: almonds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds
  • Fruits & Vegetables: avocado, banana, watermelon, soy and soy products
  • Legumes: kidney beans, black beans, lentils
  • Protein: beef, chicken, eggs, organic yogurt, fish
  • Deliciousness: Dark Chocolate (70% min)

Tip n°2: Boost your Dopamine with Supplements

Deficiencies can cause very real health issues and they definitely can impact the health of our neurotransmitters. To make sure you’re good, I would advise a comprehensive blood test.

For instance, in Occident, most of the population is deficient in vitamin D and the darker your skin, the bigger the “chance”. A deficiency in vitamin D can reduce your testosterone levels and impact your overall health negatively. Consequently, taking a supplement of vitamin D (D2 or D3 for best results) is essential.

Also, the seaweeds chlorella and spirulina both contain vitamin D and additional properties (excellent for bone and joint health).

Tip n°3: Improve your Lifestyle

What is a good lifestyle? To sum it up simply: a health diet, regular exercise, a relaxed mindset and very importantly, good sleeping habits.

After taking care of your diet, exercise is essential to ensure an optimal level of dopamine. Exercise is needed to increase the absorption of calcium, a mineral used in the production of dopamine.

However, exercise can also be walking, hiking or any low impact activity. Those are excellent activities to improve your cardiovascular health and endurance progressively.

Start with a minimum of 3 sessions of exercise a week (for a minimum of 45 minutes).

For best results and a vastly improved health, combine a cardiovascular activity (swimming, jogging, soccer, etc.) with a resistance one (weight lifting, calisthenics, paddling, etc.).

Last but not least, a healthy lifestyle is characterized by good sleeping habits. So, make sure to establish a good pre-bed routine and to sleep ENOUGH, and keep a regular sleeping schedule. It makes all the difference in the world!

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Tip n°4: Be Creative

Creativity allows us to be hyper-focused. Consequently, we are far more receptive during the process of creation.

For example, during creation (painting, music, writing, dancing, poetry, sculpture, singing, etc.) we produce a lot more dopamine and thus, that’s why being artsy feels so good.

However, like anything else in life, you will need to find something you really enjoy doing. So, try different activities and who knows…you may even surprise yourself with a beautiful hidden talent!

Tip n°5: Deal with Addiction

Aren’t we all addicts?

We all do things that brings us an instantaneous satisfaction. Whether it’s porn, shopping, food, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, extreme sports, etc.

Eventually, those addictions will reduce our levels of dopamine. This is the result of messing with our “reward circuit” – by being dependent to something, we get overly excited when we finally get some and our reward circuit frees up way too much dopamine.

Over time, our reward circuit doesn’t work as efficiently and mundane activities don’t bring us much excitement. (2)

Thus, it’s essential to deal with your addiction, whatever that may be. For instance, seek professional help if you need it. Don’t wait until matters get worse.

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Tip n°6: Find New Goals

Dopamine is directly linked to pleasure – thus, it’s a very hedonist neurotransmitter!

To improve your dopamine levels, sometimes, you just need to give yourself a bit of a kick in the bottom, to collect the benefits of your success.

For instance, creating small and long term goal is a must to boost your dopamine levels – and then, of course, accomplishing them!

By stimulating your brain in this way, you will reduce your risk of degenerative cognitive disease (dementia and Alzheimer) and you will boost your dopamine levels in the process.

Tip n°7: If Everything Fails, Seek Professional Help

If you have tried the tips mentioned above without much success. Consult a professional.

If you suffer from depression or suspect you do, don’t wait until it gets worse, seek professional help ASAP.

Sometimes, tips aren’t enough.

Also, confide to a close friend or a partner for moral support, don’t be too proud to ask for help.

Take care of yourself.

(1) Effects of systemicl-tyrosine on dopamine release from rat corpus striatum and nucleus accumbens. Matthew J.During, Ian N.Acworth, Richard J.Wurtman. Brain Research. Volume 452, Issues 1–2, 14 June 1988.
(2) Dopamine in drug abuse and addiction: results of imaging studies and treatment implications. Volkow ND, Fowler JS, Wang GJ, Swanson JM, Telang F. Arch Neurol. 2007.

Vincent Lee