Boost Testosterone – Increase Male Hormones Naturally

Can you boost testosterone levels naturally and if so, what are the benefits?

What is testosterone?

Quite simply, testosterone is the principal sex hormone for males. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth, hair and bone density. It regulates sperm, erection frequency and quality along with mental and physical energy.

Levels tend to decline at a steady rate with age, generally after the age of 30 years old. Poor diet, lifestyle, alcohol or drug abuse and even medication can play a part in testosterone decline in men.

Low testosterone levels can result in low sexual desire, weak erections, mood swings and even soft muscles.

Fortunately you can slow down and to some extent reverse the process if you take care of your lifestyle, diet and if you master some techniques which involve supplements and sexual stimulation.

Supplements For Testosterone

A number of powerful herbal supplements can be easily found at your local health store or to help you save money, on the Internet. Herbs actually encourage your body to produce more of the testosterone hormone, they do not actually produce it themselves.

Tongkat ali, tribulus terrestris and zinc are great natural testosterone boosters. Rotating them on a constant basis results in generally higher testosterone levels and increased natural levels of libido.

Herbal remedies for low male energy are not by any means new. For hundreds and even thousands of years, tribes in South America, Asia and Africa have been using them to treat a number of conditions, notably sexual dysfunction in men.

Given that low testosterone is a very common cause of male impotence or low desire, you should be doing everything you can to ensure that your levels remain satisfactorily high.


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This supplement has been around for a few years helping many men to increase testosterone levels and thus boost their sexual energy and erection quality:

T Bomb

Combining a supplement like this with your intense workouts will increase the boosting effects of great supplements like T Bomb.

Good bodybuilders only opt for natural testosterone boosting supplements like this one. Apart from helping you in burning fat, increasing energy and building muscle, the effect is a massive boost to your sex drive.

High levels of zinc, selenium and magnesium ensure your health is in tact as well as increasing sex drive.

Ginkgo Bilboa, Tongkat Ali and L-Arginine are what drives your free testosterone levels higher and intensify muscle growth as well as improving sexual energy.

As a huge added bonus, T Bomb reduces your estrogen levels as well.

Tongkat Ali

The extract of Tongkat Ali has been used in Malaysia to help men to get harder erections and it is highly effective in increasing testosterone levels and improving male sex drive.

An entirely natural herb (everything I review is natural),Tongkat Ali can increase your sexual energy, stamina and should give you harder erections. You should also be able to better improve ejaculation control too, if you follow all my tips.

The zinc, magnesium and vitamin B content in it should be beneficial for deeper sleep, which is when your testosterone is produced in higher levels.

Boost testosterone naturally using other techniques

You shouldn’t be expecting to wave a magic wand once you take these nutritional supplements a few times and see your sex drive leap through the roof forever.

It doesn’t quite work like that. For a start, you should avoid taking the same supplement every day.

Many users report that the effects can wear off after a period of the same time of booster. Instead take a few different ones and chop and change them around.

Use them together with other herbal libido supplements.

Exercise and Diet For Testosterone

If you’re out of shape, have a soft body, drink too much or eat the wrong foods, then you’ll also need to improve your diet and lose weight to get back into shape.

Don’t skip this part and don’t assume you won’t need to do it.

If you want to boost testosterone and achieve long term permanent results, the best way for serious libido kings is to work out to improve libido and also to eat more libido increasing food. 

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