Blood Thinner Medication And Erectile Dysfunction

I’ve been taking medication for high blood pressure. Does blood thinner medication cause erectile dysfunction in men?


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Blood-thinner medication has in fact a major relation with erectile dysfunction for quite some time.

However, due to impotence still remaining a slightly taboo subject among men and aggressive denials from the manufacturers of the meds, it can often be difficult to link the two together.

Before you make the assumption that your blood thinner meds are causing your ED, you should know the following…

Unfortunately, there a number of other potential issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction.

This makes it extremely difficult for doctors to identify blood-thinners as the main cause of erectile dysfunction in each case, especially when other factors are at play, and especially when considering that poor health is a common driving requirement behind the need for blood thinning medication in the first place.

Luckily through patience and a willingness to get past the stigma, those suffering from impotence can usually reverse it naturally through a combination of improved diet, increased physical activity and reduce or remove the need for taking medication! This is the good news.

Let’s see the causes of your ED, check the following factors:

Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction (Apart From Blood Thinner Meds)

There are a number of physiological issues which could affect a male’s ability to maintain a viable erection.

Acute, moderate, and chronic health problems could result in varying degrees of impotence.

Also, side effects from a number of medications and drugs could result in erectile dysfunction as well.

In these cases, one of the following is typically the origin of dysfunction: impairment of blood circulation to the penis, nerve/neurological damage, and decreased hormone production or transportation.

Several of the most common specific causes below:

Hypertension And ED

Better known as high blood pressure, it prevents arteries around the penis from performing their normal functions.

This condition prevents the needed blood from flowing into the penis to create an erection. Medication taken from those who suffer from high blood pressure contributes to erectile dysfunction (more on this later).

Atherosclerosis Causes ED

Atherosclerosis is a condition which causes the arteries to fur up and therefore constricts, limiting the amount of blood that is able to pass through the artery at any given time. Since arterial blood flow plays a huge role in gaining and maintaining an erection, it’s logical that Atherosclerosis and impotence are often directly related.

High Cholesterol Can Weaken Erections

Much like Atherosclerosis, high cholesterol can have a negative relationship when it comes to sexual health.

Men with high cholesterol may have damage to their arteries and other essential factors that are essential to an erection.

Hormonal Imbalance (Low Testosterone)

If the natural production or balance of hormones in a man’s body is interrupted or tampered with by a medical condition, certain drugs, then impotence can be a direct result.

Also, low levels of testosterone (Low T) can be caused by a number of pathological circumstances including dealing with excess amounts of stress, hypogonadism, hypothyroidism, can lead to an impaired ability to maintain an erection.

Low testosterone can also lead to the diminishing or inhibiting of the release of nitric oxide to the penis. This results in tense muscles, making it nearly impossible for the blood needed to create an erection to enter the penal shaft.

And guess what? Low T can also be a result of taking medication.

Drug Or Alcohol-Induced ED

Consuming one of a plethora of different drugs or medications can result in impotence. The most commonly linked drugs to erectile dysfunction are alcohol and nicotine.

Excessive drinking and long-term alcohol consumption can result in damage to the nervous system and extreme hormone imbalance.

Excessive smoking (nicotine consumption) contributes to arterial narrowing which also can lead to partial or full erectile dysfunction.

Numerous prescription medications can also directly result in difficulties to maintain an erection.

In fact, there are more than 200 prescription drugs which have been linked to impotence to a varying degree (directly linked to blood-thinning medication and erectile dysfunction)!

Blood Thinner And Erectile Dysfunction

Evidence exists that suggest blood-thinners to only lessen the libido in men and women, but also reduce the blood flow to the penis, making it more difficult to achieve an erection.

Medication which thins the blood are often prescribed by doctors and there is enough empirical evidence to show that there is a strong relationship to blood thinner and impotence.

A number of drug companies have released counterfactual information attempting to refute the relationship between blood thinner as a cause for erectile dysfunction, luckily their efforts have not worked for the most part.

The relationship between blood thinner and varying degrees of erectile dysfunction has been well established.

Obesity And ED

Studies have identified being overweight as a very common and as yet, less acknowledged cause of ED.

Other causes of ED (click below to find out more):

– Lower back problems and ED

– Hemorrhoids and ED

– Anxiety and ED

Diabetes and ED (including meds)

How To Reverse The Effects And Get Better Erections Naturally

It’s important to consult a doctor before taking any additional supplements if on blood-thinners, yet it should be safe to use a number of supplements which could help improve sexual performance.

  1. Lose Weight

Being overweight and

  1. Consume more fresh foods that help erections and testosterone

Supplements and foods that help with nitric oxide, are beet, garlic, watermelon (citrulline).

Foods that help with testosterone are grass fed meat, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, bok choi).

But most of all, eliminating the harmful, toxic processed foods from your diet is what will help you see the best improvements.

Remove the following and feel the change almost immediately:

– Sugary soda drinks

– Chips

– Desserts

– Deep fried foods

– Sauces and condiments with additives and vegetable oils

Want some encouragement?

One study showed that eating 4 cloves of garlic a day increased testosterone and improved erections in men.

  1. Kegel Exercises

Easy to overlook in a doctor’s office and yet easy to do for you and best of all, free. Do your kegel or PC exercises when driving, working, watching TV or anytime you like!

  1. Physical exercise

If you don’t like exercise, then ask yourself this: what do you dislike most, exercise or the shame, embarrassment and downright humiliation of ED?

Studies show that some short, intense exercise sessions are the most effective for weight reduction and increasing testosterone and blood flow.

Any man can do these from his own basement.

Don’t make excuses, get out your skipping rope.

Blood Thinners And ED: Conclusion

So you know about how meds cause ED, but you’re also aware of other causes of ED, some of which cause the actual need for blood thinners in the first place.

Our advice? Use the highly effective and proven natural techniques above to reduce your need for blood thinning meds and boost your erectile strength as a result.

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