Improve Blood Circulation In Penis Areas Naturally

Is it really possible to improve blood circulation in penis areas and if so, can your size be increased?

The simple answer is yes. But before you get excited, this isn’t some scam to sell you magic pills that suddenly transform you into a John Holmes equivalent.

Improving blood circulation in penis areas can help you to increase girth and length to some extent. But it won’t magically transform you; the basic size and shape of your penis will stay the same.

Good for erections

It’s also worth considering that increasing circulation in the penile area improves erections considerably. You may improve your erections to the extent that your penis appears to have grown in size.

Regardless of the extent to which your girth and length will increase, improving blood circulation in penis areas is beneficial for your sex drive, erection health and lovemaking abilities.

Causes of low libido

One of the main causes of low libido is poor blood circulation in the genitals. Blood vessels become congested after time, especially with a poor diet and lifestyle.

Blood has difficulties reaching the penis adequately for an adequate length of time and as a result, erection quality suffers over time.

Methods To Improve Blood Circulation In Penis

Benefits of better blood circulation

There are several techniques to improve blood circulation in penis areas which when combined, result in much harder erections, an increased ability to maintain erections for longer and more frequent erections.

Some men succeed in increasing girth (this is absolutely possible) and others manage to increase length, although the gains are generally slight.

Increasing blood circulation in the penile area won’t alter the general size or shape of your penis, but it will certainly help you make the most of what you have and give you the best erections possible.

Boosting male libido

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Technique 1: Penile Massage

Penile massage is highly beneficial for improving blood circulation in penis areas.

Your erections depend on blood circulating freely around your whole penile area.

That includes your penis, testicles, perineum and the area just about your penis, on your pubic bone.

All of the above require good healthy circulation for you to achieve regular hard erections that can be maintained for long periods of time.

Furthermore, penile massage helps you grow your girth to some extent. 

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Technique 2: Take Supplements

Just as certain aphrodisiacs increase circulation in the genital areas of both men and women, supplements of the best herbs do exactly the same for most people who take them.

Provided that your health is ok, you can take some natural herbal supplements that boost energy, increase blood circulation in your penile area and relax you.

There are several supplements which do this and you can combine them to good effect.

I’d advise you to try 3 or 4 different herbs (or more) in order to find out which one works the best for boosting your erections and blood circulation.

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Technique 3: Jelqing

Jelqing is a technique that I cannot recommend, although it may well work well. As I have never tried this method, I can’t recommend it.

Jelqing is a type of massage too, but different to the massage technique described above.

Jelqing involves massaging from the base to the end of the semi-erect penis repeatedly for at least one hour every day.

Some people doubt the effectiveness of jelqing, others claim it’s risky for penis health.

Search on the Internet and you’ll find many false claims about the benefits of jelqing. 

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