The Best Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels

For us men, having optimal testosterone levels is a necessity to be healthy. If you are looking to improve your bedroom activities, your fertility, your virility and your muscular mass, take a look at the best supplements to boost testosterone levels efficiently.

Low T can be really dangerous. Firstly, testosterone maintains muscular and bone mass. Secondly, it’s also vital for a good count of red blood cells (to transport oxygen). Also, a T deficiency can cause fatigue, an increase of abdominal fat (and therefore, of diabetes), a loss of libido and in some cases, depression.

Which means that low T should be taken seriously. Nevertheless, I have got good news for you.

Instead of risking testosterone injections or pills, you can boost your T levels naturally.

Here’s with what…

The Best Supplements to Boost Testosterone Levels

Why risk potentially dangerous side effects with T injections when you can improve your T levels naturally?

Additionally, I strongly do not recommend ordering anabolic steroids online. You won’t know what’s in them and that amounts to playing Russian roulette with your own life. Moreover, you will depend on them for the rest of your LIFE in order to boost your T levels.

Rather than taking a disastrous shortcut, take action and make changes.

By using natural supplements that stimulate your testosterone production, you will ensure a lasting result.

Important: However, should you have (or suspect) a condition that hinders testosterone production, naturally, it is advisable to consult a specialist.

Discover the consequences of low T in details here.

Now, let’s have a look at the best supplements to boost testosterone levels!


Magnesium is an essential mineral to be healthy. It plays a role on testosterone levels, improves muscular growth, sleep quality and helps to regulate stress. (1)

Tongkat Ali

This plant is known to improve sexual performance, muscular mass, energy levels, concentration and memory. Additionally, Tongkat Ali will improve your physical resistance and endurance. For best results, associate it with Yohimbe Bark (mentioned later) – that’s a killer testosterone booster cocktail!


This natural steroid is often used to increase muscular mass. However, Sarsaparilla is also interesting to improve sexual performance and to fight against baldness.

Vitamin D

Almost 2/3 of the occidental population has a vitamin D deficiency. Indeed, that’s a lot! But did you know that a vitamin D deficiency can be disastrous for testosterone synthesis?

To ensure optimal levels of vitamin D, take a minimum of 4000 UI daily and prefer vitamin D3 (better bio-availability). When the sun is out, make sure to expose yourself for a minimum of 20 minutes daily, with little to no clothing (and sunscreen for the first 20 minutes).

Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe is a tree from the African continent. Its bark is used to boost energy levels and physical endurance. This bark will boost your testosterone levels, improve your blood flow (ideal for wonderful erections) and it will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Zinc is an essential trace element that has many, many functions. Accordingly, a deficiency will cause a monstrous mayhem in the body.

A study demonstrated that an increase of dietary zinc improved drastically the testosterone levels of the participants. (2)

How can you improve your zinc levels? Make sure to eat the following: meat, fish, dairy products, oysters and beans.


The “Peruvian Viagra” is ideal to boost testosterone levels, libido and energy levels. Furthermore, Maca is also excellent to improve muscular growth.

Additional Testosterone Boosting Tips

We couldn’t leave you without a few practical tips that will also boost your T levels. Those are things that you can apply daily. Over time, you will notice higher T levels and overall, a better health!

  • Cut Down Sugar & Transformed Foods: High sugar levels and diabetes are catastrophic for T levels and health in general. Consequently, by avoiding sugars and industrially prepared foods, and by reducing carbs, you will dramatically reduce those risks.
  • Lose Weight: Visceral fat (belly fat and fat around organs) will cause low T. Therefore, if you are overweight or obese, it’s very important to lose some of the weight to improve your testosterone levels. Seek professional help, if you can’t do it by yourself and keep yourself accountable.
  • Improve your Sleep Quality: Here’s a lovely analogy, sleeping is our rebooting process. Without good sleep, our hormones become chaotic. To improve testosterone levels, make sure to sleep a minimum of 7 hours daily and maintain regular sleeping patterns.
  • Exercise Regularly: Physical activity is one of the best things there is to boost testosterone levels. However, when it comes to T, the best of the best is bodybuilding. Go lift some iron as soon as possible!
  • Avoid Toxins: Some toxins like phthalates, BPA and parabens disrupt the endocrine system (hormones) and that includes testosterone. To avoid increasing your risks, always opt for aliments and hygiene products without plastics or plastics devoid of those things (check labels).
  • Manage Stress & Chill: Stress can and will greatly reduce your T levels. For instance, by introducing a calming practice like meditation, yoga or breathing exercises, you will improve your stress managements skills. Also, you will feel much more zen daily. Fortunately, you only need 10 minutes daily to really improve your quality of life!

Feel free to share your feedback and gives us ideas!

Did you know that cold showers are excellent to boost T levels and the immune system? Check it out!

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