Anxiety & Erectile Dysfunction – Reduce Stress To Improve Performance

Anxiety and ED

How are anxiety and erectile dysfunction related and why should you be paying particular attention to your stress levels?

Many men have contacted me about ED and one of the killers of today’s society, stress.

Stress And ED Are Everywhere!

The pressure to make more money, to make ends meet, to meet your targets, to send your kids to a decent school. Anxiety about your personal situation, your image, your sexual performance and about relationships with others: it’s all far too common.

The problem is that stress causes your body to produce higher levels of a certain hormone known as cortisol which is secreted into the body during situations of stress.

And while cortisol is acceptable and even necessary in smaller quantities, constant stress will cause your body to release more of it. An unwanted side effect of this release is a lowering of your testosterone and a weakening of your sex drive.

Once you start to get erection problems of course, your anxiety actually tends to increase further.

Will you get it up this time? Will you lose it half way through the act? Will you come too fast? Your anxiety levels increase and this can worsen your bedroom performance further.

So What Can You Do To Lower Stress And Improve Libido?

Here is a a question from a man who shall remain anonymous who had been using the full program to restore erections.


Did you ever try practicing any relaxation techniques (and I mean really trying)?

I do watch comedy at least 5x a week (30 mins as they say laughter is a stress reliever and it does make me feel better)

Did you try auto-hypnosis or hypnotherapy?

I have tried hypnosis before but I have not done that for a long time and back then that was targeted towards self confidence issues and actually come to think back to it – it was very relaxing so thank you for that suggestion.

Did you ever take supplements such as 5HTP or L-Tyrosine?

I have taken tyrosine before but it didn’t really seem to do much for me but then again I was taking it for its dopamine effects experimenting to see if it had an effect on sex drive so I cant really remember if it relaxed me or not all I can remember is that there was no change in libido


No I have never considered this before.


No again never been considered by me before.

My efforts against cortisol have been focused on my exercise regime – making sure I dont overtrain, keeping the exercise under 40 minutes and taking a week off every 8 weeks. Then I would make sure to watch some comedy.

If somehow I avoid stress – and this is very hard in the modern world – my sex drive does start creeping up however just one stressful episode and everything crashes back down again. It seems like I overreact to things that are not very important at all. This overreaction seems to pump out excess cortisol. I feel my heart rate pounding away. So it may be psychological and it may be too much cortisol – that is one theory.

There is however another theory for my problems or it may be a combination of the two.

I have always been someone who gets anxious very easily etc however my sex drive has never been this low before.

It actually started when I started using the Saw Palmetto herb to stop male pattern baldness.

When I took Saw Palmetto at first my sex drive actually went out of control but then it cooled off a little but it was still very very high. Saw Palmetto works I think by blocking DHT that causes MPB but I have no idea why my sex drive would go so out of control. I decided to drop it after 20 months of continuous use because I was having trouble gaining muscle and I had read something about SP being estrogenic. It was around this time I started reading sites and in it they say random erections and especially morning ones are a sign of high testosterone (desired for muscle) so I quit the SP as I was not getting any morning or random erections at all it had shut these down cold.

After quiting saw palmetto my sex drive remained high and I started getting random erections and morning wood back again. Then one day (about 3 weeks later) the sex drive just turned off and the morning wood and random erections were gone. So now I was in an even worse position and this is the position I have been in ever since.

The problem seems to be an extremely fluctuating an inconsistent libido – so for example it will start creeping up then get really high then crash the next day guaranteed. If I have high stress then it is guaranteed to crash.

In conclusion I think it is my inability to deal with stress and the way that Saw Palmetto has changed me that is causing me serious problems. I still do not get morning erections and my sex drive is still low despite doing I would say 90% of what you and mark wilson (boost low testosterone) preach and I really follow it and stick to it like a fanatic. My condition has improved doing what you guys say but I still feel like only half the man I should be. If I didnt do what you guys say you should do I dread to think how bad a state I would be in.


How To Deal With Stress-Related Erectile Dysfunction And Low Libido

This is what I suggest for you :


2 or 3 sessions of hypnotherapy from the same hypnotherapist that you used before (explain what your issues are clearly).


There are plenty of MP3s for you to be able to use continually to relax. Take your pick from here.


Regular meditation twice per day for only 20 minutes works wonders. To quote those who do it, “your life flows like a river” when you meditate. This isn’t for oddbods either, meditation is practiced by millions. It’ll help you smooth down your rough edges. This book is a great place to start for you with meditation.

You surely know the musician Boy George and all the problems he had with drugs, instability and so on. In prison he read this book and is completely balanced now. I’ve read it too and found it very valuable and it could help you understand the root of your stress.

Supplements To Relax

5HTP supplements can help you to remain calm too. I used to have them at night before sleeping and they seemed to balance my nervous system out. I only took them for a couple of months.


After a tough few months, this can be extremely beneficial. A few pins in your body and you feel like a pressure cooker letting off steam. It’s really quite incredible. I knew someone who relieved severe stress overnight with it and I myself go about twice a year.

How Important Are Your Erections?

This may seem like a lot to do at first but really it’s just 2 books, 1 MP3, an acupuncture session and a couple of hypno sessions. 5HTP is optional but can be useful, so keep it in mind too. And how important is your sex life to you?

This could help you a lot. We are not always open to these more alternative therapies but I promise you that they can be more beneficial than anything.



Got a question? Just contact me and I’ll do my best to get back to you.