5 Great Super Foods for Boosting Testosterone and Sexual Desire

Foods to boost testosterone fast and naturally work much better when you are fit, lean and healthy.

If you are overweight, eating toxic junk food, watching porn and drinking 5 pints of beer a day, you’d be advised to rethink your priorities and fix those habits first.

For men that are interested in getting that old kick and drive back in their lives having a properly balanced diet is the way to go. Although rest and exercise can help a person increase their sexual desire and libido, the only sure fire route is eating well.

Getting tons of simple sugars, salts and high fats can have dangerous effects on the hormones of your body. A high body fat can raise the level of estrogen within a man causing him to feel fatigued and tired. A man also may lose interest in having sex and enjoying some of his favorite hobbies.

Lower your sugar intake, boost your exercise to 4 or 5 times a week, muscle up your body, and start getting more active in the bedroom.

Then, and only then, will these 5 testosterone super foods make the biggest and most positive difference to you.

5 Foods That Boost Testosterone In Men

Nuts: Natural Fats For Testosterone Increase

One of the best foods for increasing your natural testosterone levels is good old raw nuts. Actually any type of nut will help you raise the levels of your testosterone. It is important to remember that nuts such as pecan, walnuts, chestnuts and peanuts contain high levels of good fats.

Good, healthy fats are called monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. Fats are responsible for hormonal regulation within your body and also affect the hormone called testosterone. For men on a diet it is important that they do not eat too many fats, but eating too many few fats can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. Organic Peanut Butter is a great option as well.

Avocados: Natural Fats For Testosterone Increase

Avocados are a great fruit to eat. These fruits also carry high amounts of health fats within them. Similar to peanuts these fats help regulate testosterone in your body which can help you lose fat and gain muscle. As you build bigger stronger muscles you can also burn more fat, which will allow you to decrease the total amount of estrogen within your body.

Avocados can be found at almost all grocery stores and can also come in a paste known as guacamole that is just as healthy.

Eggs: Healthy Fats, Proteins and Vitamin D For Testosterone Increase

Eggs are another great source of fats, but also protein as well. For increasing your testosterone levels it is important that you have plenty of protein. Protein has amino acids found within them that help build up muscle within the body.

During your weight training you will not only be breaking down muscle, but also burning fat as well. During your recovery it is important that you have some sort of protein source like eggs to help you rebuild muscle.

Eggs also have high levels of Vitamin D that will help the bones of the body. In some clinical studies doctors found that mean that were lacking in Vitamin D also had noticeably lower levels of testosterone.

Green Leafy Vegetables: Great For Your Heart, Better For Sex Drive

Any green leafy vegetables that you eat will help your sex drive. This is due to the fact that they are typically low in calories and high in vitamins. This will allow you to lose more weight as well as provide your body with the necessary vitamins that it needs to function.

Heart functions plays a major role in a man’s ability to enjoy and engage in sexuality. Since these green leafy vegetables encourage a healthy, heart it is easy to see that they also encourage a healthy sex life.

Unsweetened Tea: Great For Sex Drive

One beverage that can increase the sex drive of a man is unsweetened tea. Unsweetened tea has a chemical in it called catechin. This chemical can actually increase the total amount of blood flow in the body. This will result in harder more firm erections as well as more endurance.

Most soda contain high amounts of sugars that can actually block out endorphins. Endorphins play a major role in the excitement or arousal phase of sexuality. Low endorphins can lead you to depression which means less sex and sexual desire.